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The races of Teoryran are different than those of other worlds.



Humanity is a cruel race, weak and cowardly they survive by depleting resources and exterminating all animals with sadistic glee and pollute all life within their region then move on the next and the next.. Humans organize around dominant but sweet talking deceivers or father figures who are allow to oppress them in because it's good for them but they dislike and distrust mild manner, tolerant and honest leaders who try to reason with their followers humans are always criminal by nature yet they are social parasites attracted by stable societies where they have little interest in obeying the laws unless they are forced to and even then they are slow to submit. They respect only human life, they are only capable of compassion and benevolence directed to humans of their tribes Humans are tribal and social creatures, who conform to their group and sacrifice their own life and the well-being of their others for their leaders. Humanity have a civilization that always in patriarchal, males rules and women have a low status and are accused for almost everything. Most humans are rigid religious and conservative beings with little potential for learning new thing. Humanity used to have Advanced Imperial Civilization but it has regressed. Humans are not very smart, but they have a great deal of common sense and social skill so they learn and cooperate instead of developing skills and individual traits

The human Castes
Class Role Features
Kored Noble military aristocrats Kored
Kored Peasant servants Kored
Teoryran Human ,Clergy(3.5e Class) Clergy spiritual leaders Kored
Teoryran Human,Bourgeoisie(3.5e Class) Bourgeoisie burned on stake Kored

The Orc[edit]

The Orcs are an advanced but strong race as diverse as humanity for they have evolved from stupid brutish creatures who worshiped nature and their tribes to an intelligent and strong bodied warrior race. A warrior race who formed a complicated society based on different types of honor,and obligations in :different situations and a strict hierarchical and elitist society that value on productivity and efficiency. They spread trough areas, in harmony with nature and form more and more advanced clans with competitive war and willingness to cooperate,learn from and join the strongest clan. The clans are organized after efficiency, profession and family. Attitudes are perfectionist and over-achieving. They are stern and simple race, who prefer rules and organization to spontaneous social activities and lack empathy, :compassion and sensibility. Orcs are often racist but not speciesist, orcs respect all lifeforms, from insects to humanoids but kill as necessary instead they harbor prejudice against enemies regardless of species. Most Orc follow some sort of life-worship code and switch to death-worship code before dying of age or sickness. Orcs follow a complicated sense of honor and the two principles of self-extermination and ancestry. Self-extermination is process to exterminate the own identity, needs and the soul itself to achieve harmony with nature,society and reach bliss. Ancestry gives reverence over family, reverence over ones ancestry and conformity and loyalty to family. Orcs mature faster than human, 14 years except intelligence that comes later. Orcs regards intelligence and wisdom as a unity. Orcs regard most other humanoids are enemies if they provoked, threatened or attacked them and only attack first if they believe they can win and can win any resources. Their civilization is an centralized state-hybrid with equally advanced feudalism where each district is a vassal state :with many cities and well connected communities of all sizes. Orcs comes in many shapes, not all are warriors some are workers but all are part time-warriors. The Orcs society is well oiled war machine. Orcs develop strong bodies and value the balance between wisdom and intelligence.

The Ork Castes
Caste Role Culture
Shogunate Noble military aristocrats Red Shogunate
Shogunate Peasant servants Red Shogunate
Ork Priest (3.5e Class) Priest spiritual leaders Red Shogunate
Ork Merchants (3.5e Class) Merchants low status Red Shogunate
Ork Outcasts (3.5e Class) Outcasts assassins and executioners Red Shogunate


The lizardfolks are extremely civilized but for mammal humanoids alien and terrifying. The lizards live in jungles, isles, deserts but their civilization is concentrated on pyramid cities build on mountain tops. They come from a part of Aeoryran filled with death jungles that where steaming hot, full with caves, floods and frost filled mountains. Here the ancient nations of Sarrukt and the serpents existed. The ancient lizard peoples had once many nations but the Mazakeen eventually formed the mightiest tribe that stabilized their part of the world. The Mazakeen Empire unites other races as well, such as the Yuan Ti and lizard humanoids. The Sarruks survived as the Gods of the Lizardmen and different serpent races and reptilians and dinosaurids followed and joined. When Aeoryran fell they had won a war against humanity and a dynasty of the Frog took power forcing the true Mazakeen into exile and heresy until they recently have abolished a mad false frog-deity. When Teoryran begun to be destroyed, the Mazakeen overthrew the heretical Priest-King, which led to Lizards in :Teoryran returning to Aeryran and taking back power and returning to the true Lizard gods. The new religion was had been in power for 50 years and was never so pervasive. The cult of the Sun Frog have now fled and Teoryran Lizardmen have united in a stable nation. The Lizard worship mass sacrifice of sentient humanoid creatures to feed the sun and preserve the world from :destruction. Their deities are feathered snakes, flashed lizards,salamanders and lizards of stones. They are mostly flesh eaters and cannibals of their species, still they have build a great empire based on advanced :magick and religion with spells they gain from their sacrifices. They are excellent stone crafters, builders and flesh grafters but have very primitive technology and advanced laws, organizations and medicine and education.


This powerful race populated secret and sacred cities in Aeoryran and they may do so again in Teoryran death-jungles. Being little less if not the deities of the Reptilians and serpents. They prefer to build constructs of a smattering of copper,jade and other colorful things and seem to reflect and reptile and abstract logic. They represents concept and elements that breaks with human categories, instead uniting a smattering of abilities,powers and traits. They are guarded by their half-Sarruk Sarruk-Lizards champions.



The Elves appears as quite humanlike, tall, thin creatures with fair features, smooth bodies and project a erotic vitality in their manners. A closer look reveals them as slender, fair humans with sharp pointy eyes and feral pointy ears. The have no body hair and flowering hair. First,No superficial appearance could be more deceiving, the elves are no human minds, they are alien spirited and have no human affinity what so ever. Second, Elven races are the descendants from ancient and monstrous Fey'ri who have evolved to appear more human looking over billions of years. All elves have inherited their superficial human features from monstrous non-humans race who inherited it from other races who inherited it from other races. Their home world was home to the first fay and some dimensional copy of the human race. The first fey where completely without human traits nor had any such features in their appearance but they breed with humans on another world, and produced fey humans and even the first fey-humans where completely non-human and demonic looking. Many races later, the Feyr'i mutated and evolved so some human traits have become more pronounced,so this is what the Elves are. The elves are neither the most savage nor civilized of races, but are rather savage and wild. The Elves colonized Teoryran before the humans,reptiles and Orc and founded a great and advanced civilization which died of natural causes. Elves are nearly immortal and many still remember, the hole raise and fall of their civilization. It died, of apathy, over-expansion,public unhappiness, lack of good organization, economics and environmental pollution. In the beginning it had all those things, then the elves grew lax and complacent and then conservative and formal. Elves now live in tribal kingdoms, divided into two genetic groups. The strong but insane Elves, who are hunters and warriors and the physically weaker but either more agile, or mentally gifted. Much like humans, elves are versatile and flexible. Because of their distant human relatives, there are no half-elves. The child of an elf and a human is either human or elf, but still some elves share more traits with the human race than others.

Half Elves, Teoryran (3.5e Race)


The Fey'ri are the living proof of what all humans know. That all elves are demons and human witches and heretics somehow deformed by their evil ways. Of course it is nonsense. Fey'ri appear as unnaturally tall, thin and athletic humanoids often but not always with Fiendish batwings or feathered wings, horns, tail and claws of different style and type. A closer look reveals them as slender, fair humans with sharp pointy eyes and feral pointy ears. The have no body hair and flowering hair. Fey'ri are fiendish elven creatures who evolved naturally into fiends so they are Fiendish not because their parents where demons but because this is what they are. Despite their biological and natural origin, Fey'ri have the sinister mindset of demons but are much more alien than elves, and all the supernatural abilities they evolved from mutating instinctive psionic powers. Unlike both elves and humans Fey'ri have sorcerous powers and the organization to use it efficiently.

The Fey'ri are the Ancestors and expelled royalties of the Elven civilization, they have withdrawn their presence in Elvish society many times after the fall of the Elven realm most Fey'ri form their own small Kingdom where they like to wander far from their castles to manipulate and intimidate inferior civilized creatures. Fey'ri are manipulative, aristocratic beings with all the megalomania one can expect but they are not without a winning diplomatic grace despite their fearful visages.

Metaphysical Outsiders[edit]

In Teoryran, Demons and Gods are not clearly different types of spirits because neither is more :good nor more evil than the other. Gods to some and Demons to others, they are metaphysical creatures of two groups. Divine immigrants from other universes or powerful species that have evolved into powerful "metaphysical" creatures. A metaphysical creature is a creature that is unbound at least partially by :time,space and exist in symbiosis with abstract ideas that they imitate and personify and promote. They didn't create "bad luck for example" for the universe did that on its own, but some demons or god depending on what you call him have infested the universe and absorb :that :concept into his body. All metaphysical beings are to distant to be either god or evil nor neutral.


The Gods manifests as aspects of themselves in form of all races and many of these lessers can :appear representatives of the religious and moral philosophy of their audience. Most deities are exemplars of aberrations and alien creatures and the more powerful :manifestations :that better reflects the true nature of the Gods are always aberrations and twisted and mad lifeforms. In ideal conditions Gods and Demons from other planes the world as their personal colonial :conquest and the worshipers and natives or just the "slavemarket". Distant Outsiders are easier for humanity and the races to believe to be good and on "their side" as because nothing will prove the opposite. There are some Gods who are patrons of one race and all such are extremely racist and ethnocentric, they represent the racial need to believe that the own race is the only important one in the multiverse. Many such Racial gods are themselves deformed animals from surviving extinction of dead and gone creatures.


The majority of creatures that evolves into deities from the Teoryran-Aeoryan planet can be considered demons because they usually don't form religion and because they appear more malevolent and alien because they are a constant and concrete threat. Most demons have aggressive features, animalistic features without limits of that would be natural for such animals, and malevolent because that's the only way they comprehend humans through :suffering, The creatures usually descend from the species that consider them most evil and have an affinity for what that species consider evil, the cause of their malevolence is a combination of alien needs and lack of comprehension.


There are animals and creatures in nature that evolves and suddenly there is nothing that can feed on them and or nothing possess the instincts or abilities to avoid them. Ecosystems takes billions of years to adjust to new creatures and pain ridden creatures takes long time to :be extinct and replaced by better. The most "natural" unnatural and random twist is humanity itself, created by "nature" but twist it and deplete the natural resources and disrupt everything around them. There creatures out there, in space and even in our planet, the Omnipresent aberrations in this universe that has no order.. no natural order. Druids and nature cultists are only seeing a fraction of the unnatural and comprehend it as nature. Nature and unnature coexist, they overlap. Evolution or devolution depends on what humans consider more humanlike, everything just evolve to their environment. There is no natural order, everything that can happen will happen and the fit doesn't always survive, suddenly all life on some worlds just disappear. nature is unnatural and only what humans with love for nature considered "normal". Ecological systems collapse by themselves every now and then, nature have no natural order and a planets with organic life such as mammals is no less alive than the chemical-physical reactions on a "dead" planet. The universe itself is an aberration, nihilist without orderly definition of life or natural order of life. Most of the planets are aberrations but humans only perceive a fraction of the three dimensions. When aberrations withdraw so they do not interact with the tree dimensions at all, is called the Aberration Plane. A meaningless and small and finite group of lifeforms resemble humanity, endless amount of horrible :creatures are all the opposite to humanity because they are different. There are aberrations, powerful extra-terrestials who qualify as gods. They exist within this planet and many other planets where they lurk. There is a creature with a body beyond the tree dimensions,time and space, is appearance is deranged optical illusion that the mind created as symptom of your insanity when you try to gaze on it. There fore "it" or she as some call it, can change change, teleport and resurrect itself and clone itself. This a hivemind clad in flesh and plant that feeds on plants, animals and the thermal energy, it's an avatar or alien personification of the planet it is in symbiosis with and absorb and genetically modify any lifeform anywhere. It has both unnatural and natural parts, it seeks to restore its own alien and incomprehensible :version of the :ecological system by creating aberrations as anti-bodies or counter-diseases. Simply put, the human and sentient appreciation of the planets ecosystem is totally wrong, the creatures insane approximation is closes to reality but all the lifeforms now living are wrong. This process also requires the temporary disruption of the ecosystem and reboot the ecosystem ... to an :twisted planet that existed billions and billions year ago and will slowly overlap and sicken this world to death. Alien creatures from other planets, with a "natural order" aberrant to this planet and seek to invade and adjust our environment to theirs which is alien and hellish for us. These creatures often spawned from planet sized aberrations and guided by the positions of starts and planets. Such worlds often have dimensions other than ours and suns that radiate psionic and telepathic energies Instead of lights so they evolve psionic powers and often do not use limbs instead swimming with telekinesis. Distinctions such as dead.alive or construct or animal are blurred for these beings.

Mind Flayers[edit]

Mind flayers in Teoryran and Aeoryran are quite many, the absence of human magick and the low technological level of magical knowledge in human society means that Mind Flayers could infest every level of the human church. Mind flayers are believed by humans to be simple human witches and heretics who mutated as a sign of infernal deals or the "witchmark". Mind flayers are not native, but invaders who infests dimensional and time travelers, they have their own alien and twisted settlements, build with alien material and technology. Their constructs have spiral and curved angles, with layers of slime and plastic surfaces. Much like the reptilians, they seem to favor pyramids, ziggurats but make these structures of living flesh, slimish green marble and twisted exoskeleton and bones all is completed with jade and strange metals. Every block consists of figures. statues and symbols. Their streets are replaced by canals of blood and fluids. They merge Mazakeen sentient sacrifices and cannibalism of sentient species with their brain eating and sacrifice brains not hearts.

Cthulhu Mythos[edit]

All the gods and creatures of Cthulhu Mythos from Call of Cthulhu d20 and Elder Evils supplement are appropriate for this setting.d

With minor differences stated here, In the Lovecraftian universe the Gods created the universe. In this setting, the Lovecraftian Gods are extra-multi-universal extra-terrestial lifeforms who evolved into deities. The Elder Gods perceive and use more of reality than living and sentient creatures.


The morbid, creatures of of materials animated and forged by defunct, irrelevant deities and ever since left with the ennui of their meaningless and unchanging existence. They are stout, masculine and jaded creatures of meaningless material gathered into immortal creatures who have never fully created their own meaning nor adjusted to their own existence for they are still tainted by their original shape. The favored elite and the lesser majority of the morbid living statues and machines favor extreme male personalities and masculine physically heavy bodies, though female gender exist and preferred by the weak or low status citizen, usually the females are created to please the males. These very physical and logically oriented creatures live in an orderly, rational, rough, collectivist and authoritarian society that don't allow much status to sensitive, subtle, empathic or feminine personalities.

(200.000 years ago) Ages ago they where created, designed and adapted as slaves lacking all capacity to handle the responsibilities of freedom and without the spark to create their own destiny and meaning. Even then they rebelled. Their masters where mechanical minded Gods, blinded by power, maddened with the unworldly order, Distraction of all-encompassing conscientiousness of meaningless as well as relevant things. Their where victim of the false promise of always near yet always do distant perfection, of themselves, of their control and of their creations. Their perfection was a relative perfection, genuine and pure but only within certain parameters but the gods saw perfection as the mortal perfectionist saw that which is just "good enough" for a specific purpose and they identified erroneously the cause of their this limit, to be their sanity and the order of the universe. One of their flaws in particular grew exponentially, the flaw of themselves and the flaw of their definition of perfection. Around the raise of humanity and their animalistic forebears, the constructs of the Inevitables rebelled against those who created them and won. When they overcame their superior and slew their tyrant god-masters they won the shards of divine power of the dead gods and preserved it in The Ziggurat of the Eternal King respectlessly build from the metallic and crystallized mummified corpses of the losers. They invested this power to create their own God, their Emperor by soul extermining a chosen one and transforming him to a personification and avatar of the people and realm, who then rule supported unquestionable awe for eternity or until the impossible happens and he is slain.

It was bloody revolution and a civil war, the Stern anti-deists overcame the Immolation Forge Priests. They stole or conquered the secrets of civilization, power and life itself written on the great stone pillars of Sargon. The victor gained true life, recreating themselves in to machines of living biology. These giants of living material gained the ability to artificially create others similar to themselves, though all of the new generation was constructs with alien sentience at best or no sentience nor emotions just cumbersome programming. The Warforged where created, the first strong sentient constructs, and flexible programed, who had little need for biological animation except for the desire to change their form after millennia getting tired of their specialized created form. As the legacy passed further generations and centuries, the fleshed ones become a elites that procreated by adopting and promoting lesser constructions. Lesser constructs where always mass produced and left to live for thousands of years as the flesh elite continue to age and die and be replenished, but always small. The Fleshed constructs spawned breeds of gigantic, colossal and titanic monstrous humanoids. The price of their freedom was tragedy, having outlived the purpose of their creation they have become abominations of steel, stone and every possible material.

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