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I have yet to test all the alternate races, so there may be overpowered characters if you allow them to use them


Extremely rare, even more so than the tieflings (see below). They are, however, indistinguishable from humans, so many don’t even know what they are. They still have a tendency towards good and leadership, due to their angelic blood


These bird-people are results of experiments on Libern, and they normally serve as messengers between the surface and Libern. However, they are not allowed into Libern, and they communicate with Libern through a magical item, only going there if they have an item that they need to bring or get.

On the surface, aarakocra are regarded as arbiters of doom, and many flee from their presence. However, those who don’t avoid them are either worshippers of Libern or hostile towards their presence


The dragonborn of Unica are equal parts hated and feared. They are products of the Spell, beginning when the first dragon eggs hatched afterwards. The result were the first dragonborn, and they are blamed for the extinction of the dragons. Because of this, and their resemblance to the powerful creatures, they are considered monsters


After the Spell, many of the dwarves sealed themselves underground, as to keep their citizens from being affected by the rampant magic. However, a few stayed, many because of they were already changed, and some because they disagreed with the others’ decision to seal themselves underground.

Still, dwarves are considered to be the master smiths and miners of Unica. However, they are far less common on the surface than they used to be. A strange effect that the Spell had on some dwarves, and only dwarves, was a visible rune on their forehead, which wards off magic. (Rune Dwarf stats)


Many of the bards’ tales say that the elves ruled all of Unica, and that they created Libern as a method of destroying some evil. However, whether this is true or not is hard to say. Now, the elves live as a part of civilized society in the cities, or as druids, attempting to restore Unica to its previous life-filled state. However, some adapted to the strange conditions, and they live in the wilderness in tribes, ruled by the wisest of them (Shade Elf stats). Elves are still some of the greatest arcanists, and they are one of the most common races in Libern.


The lasting effects of the Spell in the wastes sometimes fuses an element or energy with a humanoid, creating a genasi. They are regarded as objects of interest in the cities, and fear in the tribes. (Positi, Negati, Psionti, Arcani)


One of the stranger civilized races, they had to turn away from raiding after the Spell. These hyena-people often serve as guards and other professions where their imposing height and fangs serve them well. They also are oftentimes farmers, as they quickly discovered a method of purifying small patches of desecrated land, using the magic of the gnoll shamans. They have integrated themselves into regular society, and are considered no worse than humans or elves


After the forests died from the Spell, the gnomes became the inventors in the cities, but outside they ambush and raid. Because of their savage cousins, the city gnomes are regarded with caution, but stand as respected members of society because of their inventiveness. In the wastes, while appearing savage to most, the tribe gnomes live in a very structured clan system, where the oldest rules the clan. They often follow the god-creatures that walk Unica, and raid in order to have food, because they cannot graze animals or grow food in the wastes while following their gods (Desert Gnome stats)


This green-skinned race broke from out of the underground a few decades after the Spell, fleeing from a war they had lost against the dwarves. Their culture quickly adapted to the new conditions, and they became a merchant race, using their murderous tendencies on highway robbers and wilderness tribes until they stopped their savage upbringing (they had previously raised their children by throwing them in a pit with the others, and not feeding them enough, so they had to kill to survive). They are considered valuable members of society in most cities. However, the mutual distrust between dwarves and goblins continues.


Tribes of these giant men live in the wastes, living a war-like existence against everyone else. Those goliaths who leave the wastes are engaged with caution and outright fear.


The halflings live in between the extremes of most races, between hunter-gatherer tribes in the wastes and farming communities near the cities. The halflings, however, settle in villages on the fringes of the wastes, and use the Gnollish magics to purify the lands around to farm upon. Many cities started off this way, because once a halfling village becomes successful enough, other races often immigrate and the population grows tremendously. However, this is rare, and normally halfling villages struggle to survive, disband, or are destroyed because of hostile conditions and creatures. A common mutation among halflings is telepathy, and they are the most common psions (Ghostwise Halfling)


In a world where hyena-men and elk-hawks are an everyday sight, half-elves and half-orcs, while rare, aren’t spectacular, especially since none of their parent races have a reputation as particularly dangerous.


The most common race on Unica by far, humans normally live in the cities, though some live in tribes or alone in the wastes, and others settle new villages with halflings. They are by far the most diverse race, and also on of the least affected by the Spell.


A race stranded on this plane after the Spell, they established a new Hyperion colony on Retel, an island off the eastern coast of Unica. They live secluded from the rest of the world, though it is not uncommon for one to leave, in the hopes of starting a new Hyperion colony. However, this has never succeeded, due to dangerous creatures and hostile locals. Hyperions are generally considered with fear or open hostility, as they bear a striking resemblance to the soul collectors Libern sends.


A group of humans, scarred by the Spell. They develop a scar around their mouths that keenly resembles a smile, giving them the nickname “Jesters.” They are expelled from many cities, and feared in the rest. They often find refuge alone in the wastes, awaying from prying eyes.

Living Artifice[edit]

Many of those who dwell in Libern have augmented their bodies with magical machines, allowing them to have more capabilities, which vary greatly between each of these. They also exist on the ground, but are very rare, and regarded fearfully, because of their resemblance to their overlords.


After the Spell, the swamps no longer became safe for the surviving lizardfolk, and they moved to the caves of Unica. Some live in coastal cities, working as fishermen and sailors. They are not so much feared as those around them are cautious, as all sailors have a reputation of causing a ruckus.


Those people far from the blast of Libern when a city disobeys stay sentient, while those directly hit become mindless undead. These self-aware undead are cast off from society as they rot, wandering the wastes. Their metabolism processes food much faster than humans, meaning they have to be almost constantly eating


Souls that were released from dead soul collectors roam, possessing other bodies to interact with the world. Normally, their presence is unbeknownst except for a disappearance or two, but sometimes they take the person’s place, keeping their wealth and influence


Crystalline creatures from the Plane of Earth, many were on Unica when the Spell occurred. They have taken the place of the dwarves as a mining race, in part to try and find a way home. They are welcomed into villages and cities, especially when bringing ore.


The rarest sentient race on Unica, they grow less and less common as the demon’s blood grows less and less significant. After Unica was sealed from the other planes, demons could no longer breed with humans, meaning that no more pure infernal blood enters the bloodstreams of anyone. They are regarded by most curiously, because it’s unlikely to ever see a tiefling. However, due to their resemblance to demons of ancient lore, they can never stay long in one place before being attacked or run out.


Originally built by Libern, warforged worked as the slave race of the surface ever since they discovered how to create them. The warforged normally have a willing subservience, due to their creation, but it is not uncommon for this to differentiate, and these warforged often escape. Out in the world, they are often reported to authorities as an escaped slave, at a minimum.

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