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Your race says a lot about you. It obviously affects your physical characteristics and possibly your abilities. In Ta'Ril it also effect what part of the world you likely hail from, as well as what sort of culture you have been a part of. In addition, Ta'Ril contains races unique to it. Here you will find articles on how a race fits into Ta'Ril as well as full racial write-ups (such as those referenced from the Player's Handbook) for Ta'Ril specific races.

Common Races[edit]

These are the races which comprise the bulk of Ta'Ril's, admittedly small, population.

  • Human → pg. 46, Player's Handbook
  • Half Elf → pg. 42, Player's Handbook
  • Halfling → pg. 44, Player's Handbook
  • Elf → pg. pg. 40, Player's Handbook
  • Dwarf → pg. 36, Player's Handbook

Uncommon Races[edit]

The uncommon races may raise a few eyebrows here and there, but all but the most sheltered of Ta'Ril's populace will recognize them.

  • Tiefling → pg. 48, Player's Handbook
  • Dragonborn → pg. 34, Player's Handbook
  • Eladrin → pg. 38, Player's Handbook
  • Gnome → pg. 227, Monster Manual

Nearly Unknown Races[edit]

These two races are regarded either with an awe approaching reverence, or with surprising hatred and distrust, depending on whom they come across.

Elemental Races[edit]

The elemental races abound in Ta'Ril, though many of them shy away from civilization. Some may be found amongst settlements of the other races, while others spend their lives in the elemental chaos which covers most of Ta'Ril.

    Races marked with a "**" are unique to this setting, and thus have no reference other than this page.

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