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The Races of Skar[edit]

In Skar, there are a variety of races that can be found. Some are more common and predominant than others, but all of the races found here can be found in Skar if one is to search hard enough. The majority of races are the result of the gods getting bored, but there are still several that came to be for any number of different reasons.

Common Races[edit]


Humans are easily the most common race in Skar. Originally created by the goddess of Neutrality, Jelare, they are typically known to be the most flexible race which, in part, may have led to their predominance. Outside of certain race-exclusive entities, they can be found in any and every part of the world. Due to their prevalence, there aren't any general negative racist tendencies towards them. The only exception of which may be found in other races in areas bordering Tiflis due to that nation's human-elitist tendencies.

Elves and Dwarves[edit]

Elves and dwarves are the next most common races. They have a deep ingrained hatred for each other, historically only coming together in times of extreme peril. The dwarves and elves were created by the opposing gods Graer, the god of the forge, and Frelle, the god of longevity, respectively. In general, these races are the most stable and, as such, often have the most prosperous civilizations. Of the two, elves are more versatile geographically. There are three main varieties: high elves that have mingled with humans and made great empires among them, wood elves that are typically very reclusive and stick to forests, and drow elves that have settled in a vast underground cave system spanning Skar called the Underdark. Dwarves typically come in two varieties: hill dwarves that live in the great hilly plains of greater Skar and mountain dwarves that make their homes in mountains wherever they may be found. Both varieties, however, have a very intimate connection to the earth and their civilizations reflect that. In the modern era, elves and dwarves are fairly well integrated into the nations of Skar with only a few groups forming their own race-exclusive entities. Notable examples include the Elves of Yoole Forest and the Dwarves under Kogac Mountain.


In the time that many of the gods were forming their very own humanoid races, the goddess of dragons, Yilith, decided she wanted to create a race that could compete and created a slew of races in hopes that one of them could best those of her brothers and sisters. Thus, Lizardfolk were born. Lizardfolk, however, operate mentally a bit differently than their warm-blooded counterparts and, as such, have a hard time interacting with them. They tend to stick to their own, often in a tribal setting.

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