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Major Races[edit]

Note: the things after the word Source after every race entry is the book or webpage the race is available in.


Any race with a (humaniod) identifier. Humaniods take up 60 percent of all adult, non-monstrous races.


These make up roughly 30 percent of all of the adult humaniods of the Continent of Ilyon.

The humans of Ilyon have survived through many hardships and the recent events of the Attack On Ezotos, the sister city of Ventremyr. Most of the population is found inside of the walls of either Ventremyr or in the crumbling wreckage of Ezotos. As a whole, the human race is greatly influenced by the actions of the other races, and always try to create something new whenever any of the other races invent something of value.

Source: (Player's Handbook)


Out of the 30 percent of humans, the Illumians take up only 5 percent.

Out of all of the humans on Ilyon, only a meager 5 percent can call themselves Illumians. The offer to become an Illumian only comes to those who the council of Illumians has deemed able to contribute to the creation of Libraries and other such places of knowledge. They are mostly found in the city of Ventremyr. Some bold Illumians venture into the city of Ezotos.

Source: (Races of Destiny)


Half-Orcs are created by the birth of child of orc and human heritage. The traits for a half-orc stay for the next two generations. Thus, one half-orc's grandfather could be an orc, and his father could be an half-orc while the rest of the family is human. Half-Orcs make up 10 percent of all adult humaniods.

The Half-Orc population of Ilyon makes up a large part of the catergory which lives outside of the walls of any city. They normally grow up by the sword, and live by it for the rest of their lives. The many orc and half-orc tribes wandering the Continent are a constant threat to any traveling mechant band, or adventuring party. The tribes are well-known by each other and know when to attack an adventuring group and when to hide and wait for the group to pass.

Source: (Player's Handbook)


Half-Giants are created by the birth of child of giant and human heritage. The traits for a half-giant stay for the only the next generation. Thus, one half-giant's father could be an giant while the rest of the family is human including any childrnen the half-giant has. Half-Giants make up 5 percent of all adult humaniods.

Most of the half-giants of Ilyon are workers for one of the many rich men and women that call Ventremyr their home. Some, however, have found a calling in the ways tomb-raiding, and enjoy ventureing as far into Ezotos as they possibly can, hopefully coming out alive.

Source: (Expanded Psionics Handbook)


Elves take up 15 percent of all adult humaniods on the Continent of Ilyon.

Over the course of time, many of the elves have come out of hiding in the deep woods and sucessfully secured spots on the Grand Council of Ilyon. Elves prove to be one of the most resourceful races on the Continent, and have created some of the most powerful magicks and weapons of the age.

Source: (Player's Handbook)


Of those 15 percent Elves, only 5 percent are half-elves.

Half-Elves have become a part of society just as elves and humans do. They are more adventurous than their long-lived fathers, though.

Source: (Player's Handbook)


Only 2.5 percent of all Elves are Drow.

Drow are decendance from the people and elves that survived the blast that occured at Ezotos.

Source: (Monster Manual)


Across the lands of Ilyon, 15 percent of all of the adult population are dwarves.

The dwarves, after the attack at Ezotos, retreated into the mountains and have recently been coming out of their homes and re-integrating into society. They often live in small villages that are almost solely dwarf-populated.

Source: (Player's Handbook)


Approximatley 10 percent of all adult humaniods on Ilyon are halflings.

Halflings are not know all that well across the face of Ilyon, and they don't really care all to much about it. They have no care for which faction wins and controls their lands. They help out any that will pay them for their time.

Source: (Player's Handbook)


15 percent of all humaniods on Ilyon are Gnomes.

Gnomes are the social opposites of halfings, and are actively involved in creating items for the factions to buy from them. They often live in small inventor villages, or in larger cities that are more racially-integrated.

Source: (Player's Handbook)

Whisper Gnomes[edit]

Of the 15 percent that are Gnomes, only 5 percent are Whisper Gnomes.

Of all of the Gnomes, Whisper Gnomes are the best at stealth and other spy-like aspects of a gnome. They often multiclass as illusionists and are often found infiltrating other faction's compounds.

Source: (Races of Stone)


Being a Steampunk-style area, around 20 percent of all non-monstrous races are Constructs.


66 percent of all of the Constructs are Draylians.

They where originally created after the attack at Ezotos, and were created to inspect the site. Historians best guess is that some of them were affected by a interplanetary rift, and gifted with intelligence. The strange clockwork men create some of the most useful things that appear on the face of Ilyon. Those that have a clockwork arms are among the best fighters of the land.

Source: Draylian (3.5e Creature)


34 percent of all Constructs are Warforged.

Warforged were actually once human, and had to be put into metal bodies after their actual bodies were destroyed at Ezotos. They then found how to recreate themselves successfully with intelligence, and retreated to smaller cities and founded the Forges and materials that where need to create more of themselves. Once the government of Ventremyr found out, they told them they must not create to many Warforged, or the armies of Ventremyr would soon be crashing down upon them. Heeding this warning, the Warforged soon shut down the main Forges and slowed production to just a few every year.

Source: (Races of Ebberon)


Due to the small amount of active gates, Outsiders only take up 5 percent of the entire population of Ilyon.


60 percent of all outsiders are the half-earth-elementals, the stonechildren.

These sons and daughters of earth are the best soilders when it comes to open warfare. Their great strength makes them one of the best clearers of the mess of Ezotos. Being resistant to poison also comes in handy when walking through the swamps close to the southern part of the continent.

Source: (Races of Stone)


25 percent are the Shadow plane bound Shadar-kai.

Some gates to the Shadow plane have opened in the area that was Ezotos. Through these gates stepped the Shadar-kai. They have been found in the cities of Ventremyr, and Ezotos. They are somewhat reclusive, and aren't afraid to fight to the death.

Source: (Fiend Folio)

Other (Outsiders)[edit]

15 percent are other random outsiders that happen to wander in through the gates, such as Azers, Celestials, Aasimars, Teiflings, Feinds, Devils and other wanderers.


Of all of the races that inhabit Ilyon, only 5 percent have been directly influenced by the power of the mind.


45 percent of all psionic creatures are Elans.

The Elans have undergone the process of purification and normally swear alliance to the faction of Sythra, but some swear to Ilastsya and Assadar.

Source: (Expanded Psiconics Handbook)


Around 15 percent of all psionic creatures are Xephs.

Xephs are well known for their messanging system and have at least a small area in each major city devoted to the postal serivice they offer. They also tend to become adventurers because they dislike running from place to place for other people all of the time, and wish to do some running of their own.

Source: (Expanded Psiconics Handbook)

Other (Psionic)[edit]

The remaining 40 percent is for the few extra psions/wilders/psychic warriors/mindblades out there.

Other Races[edit]

10 percent of all non-monstrous races are catergorized as 'OTHER'.


20 percent of this catergory are Skulk.

The Skulk are constantly seen in the city or Ezotos, and their appearance has been attributed to the attacks that occured there.

Source: They're in alot of books.


30 percent of this catergory is comprised of Goblins.

The goblins live in the mountains, the woods, and even the cities. The goblin population has distributed into three major sub-groups.

Source: (Monster Manual)

Mountain Goblins[edit]

These goblins live under the mountains and throughout the hills. They are reclusive and are trying to take over some of the weaker dwaven strongholds as a starting point for their empire.

Extra: Darkvision 60ft.

Woodland Goblins[edit]

These goblins are less reclusive than their Mountainous counterparts, and are normally better dressed and not completely socially inept. These are pretty much the goblins as per the Monster Manual.

Extra: +2 hide while in a woodland setting.

Urban Goblins[edit]

This offshoot of the goblin race is the most socially capable of all of the goblin sub-races. They are not involved in politics but are involved in the most of the factions as spies. Some have ventured to Ezotos to seach the wreckage for treasure/fame/fortune.

Extra: +2 diplomacy.


Kobolds make up 30 percent of this catergory.

Well, onto the Kobolds. They have been up to what they're always up to. Mining, and hampering small adventuring parties. Not to mention the whole Kurtumalk (or however you spell that) cultist thing.

Source: (Monster Manual)


Around 10 percent of all 'OTHER' creatures are Dopplegangers.

Not much is known about this shapchanging race, excpet they have probably infitrated every aspect of society, and we are living in a doppleganger controlled dictatorship that is disgued by a councilship. Just kidding.

Source: (Monster Manual)


Around 55 percent of all dopplegangers are Changlings.

Changlings are a offshoot of doppelgangers and human or other races. They inherited some of theie doppelganger parent's shape-shifting abilities.

Source: (Races of Destiny)

Miscellaneous Races[edit]

These races are the skarn, rilkan, and almost any other race mentioned in any source book.

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