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RWBY Module[edit]

This setting is made for players that would like to make their own version of Rooster Teeth's RWBY, and sets parameters loosely if at all so no to restrict the player to a set of rules. This 'module' of sorts includes the ability to make custom weapons, where the only one to tell you no is the DM. While the player does have the freedom to choose things like their weapon specifics or semblance, the DM can make the gameplay and settings as restrictive or liberating as they wish, and it is not, I repeat NOT, in the hands of the player to decide gameplay simply because characters do over-powered things in the show.

If you didn't know about the RWBY franchise and were just browsing your own business, then watch it now. Start with the Red Trailer [1], continue on to the White, Black, and Yellow trailers, then go to the first episode of the first volume. Go. Now.

Okay. I assume that everyone that loves RWBY enough to play it is here, so now I can continue explaining. If you were somehow blind and deaf during the entirety of the show, this module takes place in a modern to futuristic period, allowing for the use of cars, guns, lasers, and over-the-top weapons that happen to be a staple of the series. This module was made for those that wish to make their own stories, and for those that wish to forge their own paths. Almost all of the important characters have a magic-like ability known as a Semblance. If you still don't know all of this already, [2], watch it all now. All of it. Now. If you do know what I mean, then you should have no problem understanding everything else.

Entities and Groups[edit]

The Four Maidens Four fairy tale characters who serve as embodiments of the seasons. In the story, they met individually met the same old man in the wilderness who they helped in their own way. As a reward, the man gifted them each with special abilities without the use of Dust. These maidens would later go on to give their abilities to others on their death beds, and these new maidens would pass it on when they died, and so on, and so on.

Grimm Monsters of darkness with no known origin, no soul, and seemingly infinite numbers. The Creatures of Grimm typically take on the form of beasts of exaggerated proportions. They hunt humans to no end for no apparent reason. They are drawn to suffering and often attack in groups. Grimm grow in size and strength the longer they live, and can eventually reach gargantuan size with seemingly limitless strength.

Hunters The defenders of humanity. Hunters use Dust and custom made multi weapons to combat the Grimm and have mastered the art of using their soul to protect them and enhance their strength. Hunter spend years training in huge academies and form teams of 4. These teams are named after an acronym of the first letter of the first name of each team member.

White Fang A group of Faunus extremists who attack human settlements because they believe protests and peaceful movements are no longer able to convince people to treat them better. They currently work for unknown higher-ups for unknown purposes.


The world of Remnant is divided into 4 continents, with a number of islands, both large and small. The continents are Sanus, Solitas, and Anima. A few of the named islands include Patch, Vytal, and Menagerie (the largest of continents). There is also the fourth, unnamed continent, known for its dragon-like shape. Though it appears to once have been inhabited, no civilization stands there today.

There are four kingdoms in Remnant. In Sanus, there is Vale in the center of the map, and Vacuo to the west. To the north, in Solitas, there is the kingdom of Mantle, though it is better known as Atlas, due to the Huntsmen Academy dominating their society. The eastern continent Anima is controlled by Mistral. Together, they also host the four Huntsmen Academies, and, once a year, meet for the Vytal Festival, to put their best and brightest students against each other.

Vale is the central kingdom, and the most metropolitan of them all. It is home to Beacon, one of the Huntsmen Academies. Its headmaster is Ozpin, an enigmatic and jovial man with a penchant for hot chocolate. He is known for being the youngest person to become a headmaster. He is good friends with the other headmasters, and has a deputy headmistress by the name of Glynda Goodwitch; where Ozpin is jovial, she is strict.

Mantle is the northern kingdom, and by far the most militarized. Its Huntsman Academy is Atlas, with its headmaster being General James Ironwood, who is also the head of the military. The kingdom is known for exporting Dust, due to one of its most popular companies, the Schnee Dust Company. Upon graduation, most Huntsmen and Huntresses are expected to join the military.

Mistral is the eastern kingdom, with a wide and varied culture. It is host to Haven, with its headmaster being Leonardo Lionheart. It is also known to host competitive battles, of which the current reigning champion is Pyrrha Nikos, the 'Invincible Girl'.

Vacuo is on the west side, and is the most difficult but most accepting culture; if you can survive, you're accepted. Headmaster Theodore Gale runs the academy of Shade with a loose grip, regularly betting his position as headmaster on the line in fights.

The most well-known settlement that isn't part of the four kingdoms is Menagerie, the civilization of the faunus. The largest island on Remnant, two-thirds of the island is harsh desert, much more dangerous and unforgiving than the dunes of Vacuo. Its capital is Kuo Kuana, a port town, whose leader is the Chieftan of Menagerie, and the former leader of the White Fang.


The world of Remnant, a vast world where people fight with weapons that can shift between forms and crystals that seem magical in nature, where people with animal features live and wander, a world besieged by creatures of darkness, the soulless Creatures of Grimm, who seek to destroy everything man has ever built, forcing humanity into isolated cities and fortresses. To combat this humanity has harnessed Dust, a crystalline substance that allows people to harness the power of the elements. With Dust, humanity is able to fight the Grimm and not just survive, but thrive.

Humans and faunus who fought the Grimm took on the title of Hunters and Huntresses, and utilized Dust to create massive and powerful weapons while harnessing their souls to protect themselves and create special powers known as Semblances.

Several decades ago, a war was fought against a fascist regime that wanted to ban emotion so they could eradicate the Grimm. The people were divided, but ultimately, a truce of sorts was formed, with a newfound focus on dealing with the Grimm with the new, more colorful assortment of Hunters, Huntresses, and their weapons, the events of RWBY begin.

[Spoiler Warning]

Millenia ago, when magic was still awakened, the Brother Gods walked the surface of the world. After the folly of a woman cursed with immortality and her honeyed words to sway over the kingdoms of the world, life was scoured from the face of Remnant, and civilization began anew, with a servant of the gods sent to stop the machinations of the woman. Thus began the fierce battle between Salem, the Queen of Grimm, and Ozma, the Wizard.

Recently, after what was known as the Great War was ended by the King of Vale, the Huntsmen Academies were formed, in order to act as a bastion against the Grimm.

For Players and DMs[edit]

Here is the class of a Huntsman/Huntress.

Here is the race of Faunus.

Here is the list of possible weapon modifications.

Here is the helpful explanation for dust and bullets (many of which are not included in the series and are explained on the page)

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