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Name= Quintessential v2

Summary= Quintessential is intended as a no-fuss alternative to Vow of Poverty for those situations where players wish to play a character that does not make use of magical items.

Benefit= Instead of making use of magical items and advanced equipment, the character receives a set of standard bonuses which are derived from character level. These bonuses serve to continue the character's usefulness in the absence of scaling equipment.

Drawback= The character is not capable of benefiting from magical items or advanced equipment in any way. This does effect bonuses you may get from other party member's items as well but doesn't effect their bonuses if it comes from a class ability. An example would be a paladin's aura would still affect you but an item giving everyone in a 30ft area a bonus would not affect you. This does count for cursed items as they can't affect you.

Roleplay= Some ideas for quintessential characters include, but are by no means limited to:

- A monk that shuns wealth of any sort, giving it to the poor or declining it in favor of their own mental and martial prowess - A warrior that has no interest (or even an outright distrust of) in magical trinkets, only in the strength and reliability of honest steel - A sorcerer that focuses solely on refining and harnessing their own personal magic, shunning the aid of 'cheap props' - A character that destroys all of the magical items and precious metals that they receive by absorbing its powerful qualities, which manifest in the form of the bonuses granted by the trait.

Please Note that this section and trait itself is under construction

Character Level | Benefits

1st) AC bonus +1, Automatic Masterwork

2nd) DR/-, Bonus Feat

3rd) Energy Resistance 5, Sustenance

4th) Resistance +1, Bonus Feat,

5th) Infused Strike (Magic), AC Bonus +2,

6th) Deflection +1, Bonus Feat

7th) Fast Healing 3, Enhancement +1

8th) Resistance +2, Bonus Feat, AC bonus +3

9th) Enhancement +4/+2, Mind Shielding

10th) Infused Strike(Alignment), Resistance +2, Bonus Feat

11th) AC Bonus +7, DR+/-, Enhancement +2/+1

12th) Deflection +2, Greater Sustenance, Bonus Feat, AC bonus +4

13th) AC Bonus +8, Energy Resistance 10

14th) Freedom of Movement, Bonus Feat

15th) AC Bonus +9, Infused Strike (Adamentine), Enhancement +3/+2/+1

16th) Resistance +3, AC bonus +5, Bonus Feat

17th) AC Bonus +10, Fast Healing 6

18th) Deflection +3, Bonus Feat

19th) Enhancement +4/+3/+2/+1, True Seeing

20th) AC bonus +6, Bonus Feat

AC Bonus (Armor) (Su): A Quintessential receives an Enhancement Bonus their AC. The bonus increases to +1 at 1st level, and thereafter increases by +1 for each 4 character levels. This does stack with an armor bonus.

Automatic Masterwork (Ex): A Quintessential is granted the benefits normally provided by masterwork-quality equipment. All weapon attacks receive a +1 enhancement bonus to their attack roll (but not their damage roll). Armor check penalties are reduced by one. Every skill check that in which the character could normally benefit from a masterwork tool is granted a +2 circumstance bonus.

Damage Reduction : At 2nd level, A Quintessential gains Damage Reduction equal to his BAB. At level 11, A Quintessential gains DR/magic

Bonus Feat: At 2nd level A Quintessential gains a bonus feat that can be taken as long as he meets the requirements for that feat. These feats are not limited to a specific type such as metamagic, combat, etc.

Energy Resistance (Ex): At 3rd level, A Quintessential gains resistance 5 to acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic energy. This increases to 10 at level 13 and every ten levels this increases by 5

Sustenance (Ex): At 3rd level, A Quintessential no longer needs to sleep or eat

Resistance (Ex): At 4th level, A Quintessential gains a +1 resistance bonus on all saving throws. This bonus increases to +2 at 10th level, and to +3 at 16th level and +1 every 6 levels after that.

Infused Strike (Ex) At 5th level, A Quintessential is able to bypass DR and every 5 levels after that this bonuses increases. At level 5, his attacks are treated as though they were a magical weapons for the purposes of overcoming DR. At level 10, his attacks are considered lawful for overcoming DR. At level 15,his attacks are considered Adamentine for overcoming DR

Deflection (Su): At 6th-level, A Quintessential receives a +1 deflection bonus to his Armor Class. This bonus increases to +2 at 12th level, and to +3 at 18th level and +1 every 6 levels after that.

Enhancement (Ex): At 7th level, A Quintessential gains a +1 enhancement bonus to one ability score. At 11th level, he gains an extra +1 bonus to that score, and a +1 bonus to another ability score. At 15th level, he gains an extra +1 bonus to those two scores, and a +1 bonus to a third ability score. At 19th level, he gains an extra +1 bonus to those three scores, and a +1 bonus to a fourth ability score.

Fast Healing (Ex) At 7th Level, A Quintessential gains Fast healing of 3. This bonus increases at level 17 to 6 and every 10 levels after that by 3.

Mind Shielding (Ex): At 9th level, A Quintessential character becomes immune to detect thoughts, discern lies, and any attempt to discern his alignment. This also acts as mind blank but it can't be overcome by anything making any attempts by Psions or psoinic ability have a 50% chance to fail automatically.

Greater Sustenance (Ex): Once he attains 12th level, A Quintessential doesn't need to breathe.

Freedom of Movement (Ex): At 14th level, a Quintessential can act as if continually under the effect of a freedom of movement spell.

True Seeing (Su): At 19th level, a Quintessential gains a continuous true seeing ability, as the spell.

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