Quicken Bones (5e Spell)

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Quicken Bones
9th-level Necromancy
Casting time: 10 minutes
Range: 120 foot radius sphere
Components: V, S, M (a ram's horn trumpet)
Duration: Instantaneous

You fully resurrect 1 or more dry bone skeletons of any humanoids within 120 ft of you buried in the ground that are more than 1000 years dead. They rise up out of the ground and are clothed with flesh and skin. Their souls and memories are brought back to their bodies, and they live again.

  • If they were cursed, ailing or wounded in life, their curses are lifted and their ailments are healed.
  • If they were missing limbs or the skeletons were missing limbs, these are restored.
  • All things except for old age that might have done away with them are lifted. If they died of old age, they gain one more month of life.
  • You do not control the resurrected creatures. They assume full volition. If they were mind controlled in life they are no longer mind controlled.
  • The skeletons may be resurrected even if they had become animated as long as they are buried in the ground.
Number Resurrected

When cast by a caster of 17th level, one may be resurrected. At 18th level, 5 may be resurrected. At 19th level, 20 may be resurrected, and at 20th level, up to 100 may be resurrected.

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