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Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement)

Quickly change armor or clothes over a large distance.

This magic wooden wardrobe has enough space for several articles of clothing hung on its hanger, or can fit one suit of armor of any weight. As an action, the person attuned to this wardrobe can immediately unequip whatever armor or clothing they are currently wearing and replace it with any armor or clothes stored in the wardrobe. The range of the wardrobe extends for a minimum of 100 miles. If the user wants to teleport clothes to them from over that distance, up to 200 miles away, there is an X% chance (where X is the distance past 100 miles) that the equipment on its way to or from the wardrobe will be lost somewhere in the middle.

The wardrobe can only teleport armor and clothes. Any coins or messages stored in a pocket will remain with the user, and be in the pocket of whatever clothes they replace it with, or fall to the floor if the clothing has no pockets. Non-magical accessories such as hair ribbons and jewelry can be transported, but not makeup.

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