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Gargantuan elemental, neutral or chaotic evil

Armor Class 16 (13)
Hit Points 250 (3d20+200)
Speed 40

25 (+8) 25 (+8) 25 (+8) 25 (+8) 25 (+8) 25 (+8)

Saving Throws Constitution, Wisdom
Skills Deception, Slight of hand, Persuasion, Stealth
Damage Vulnerabilities Cold and Lightning and radiant
Damage Resistances none
Damage Immunities Fire, Bludgeoning, Slashing, and Piercing
Condition Immunities Paralysis, Stun, Grapple, and Sleep
Senses passive Perception +8
Languages All languages
Challenge 4 (940 XP)

Play with me Upon entering the fog that makes up this creatures body up to 3 party members(dm's discretion) must make a Con saving throw of 15 at the start of every one of your turns and end of each of its turns. On a failure you will begin to hallucinate and see what you believe to be your "family" even if you have none. These hallucinations will mostly revolve around "your children" who you will want to play with and entertain. A party member who has not fallen victim may choose to help you in some way. A successful save at any time will break the hallucination for 24 hours. After three of your turns the creature will grow bored of playing with you and attack you with 3 magical spears made from it's fog dealing damage.

Childish Perceptions

You attempt to escape the inside of creature in two ways. The first you can attempt to simply run out. In which case make a wisdom saving throw of 15, or become confused by the thick fog and horrible illusions of death and end up back where you started. The second is to light a torch which will drive some of the fog around you away and scream and run to try and fool the creature into thinking you saw something horrible instead of pleasant and confuse it. In this case make a performance check against it's perception check. If you fail it will attack you with 3 spears and begin to sap 5 hp from you for every turn you remain inside of it.

Temper Tantrum

To this creature and it's child like mind you are but a toy and a plaything. It own's you in its own mind and does not take kindly to others who want to take it's toy away from it. Other monsters or players entering the creature or players trying to help another player or anything that attacks it, will cause it to become enraged and attack them with fog spears immediately. Players under the influence of the creatures illusions(see play with me) must roll a DC Int save of 16 or see the others as "hostiles" to their "family" and will attack them under the guise of protecting their "family." Players attacking others due to this will make an Wis save at the beginning and end of each of their turns and on a success break free of the hallucination for 24 hours.

Weather and temperature weakness If hit with three cold attacks consecutively a frozen core will appear for 4 rounds. Likewise if you can change the temperature to be sufficiently cold, the core will appear until the area warms back up. During this time the core is vulnerable to physical attacks and attacks on it will damage the creature. It is especially vulnerable to bludgeoning damage in this state. Alternately a sufficient gust of wind(at least 15mph) can cause the creature to dissipate for 3d8 days after which it will reform back where it vanished from.


Fog spears

Fog spears Ranged Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 15 ft., three or one creature(s). Hit: 2d8 + 4 Piercing damage.


A fog creature giving life by mana from the surrounding area, or created by a mishap of some kind. It haunts places with sufficient water, such as oceans, swamps, lakes and ponds. The younger of them have child like minds and want to play with anything it deems intelligent while the older of them inevitably become malicious spectors that will try to devour flesh and souls alike. Regardless of the age it seems to retain child like playfulness but the end result is the same for each of its victims. Upon their death it devours their flesh and often their soul if they are powerful enough.

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