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Adventure Background[edit]

<- Describe the backstory to the adventure, explaining the setting and the forces which lead up to the current situation. Make sure to make clear what is and is not known by the public and the player characters. ->

500 years ago (about three eleven generations), the elves faced a losing war from an alliance if dwarves and humans. To defend themselves, seven great elven kings, one from each tribe gathered to attempt to host the goddess of the sun. The succeeded, and because of their efforts, six of the seven kingdoms was granted one Aspect of the sun. The Wind tribe gained the Aspect of Knowledge, the Mountain tribe gained the Aspect of Protection, The Water tribe gained the Aspect of Energy, The Desert tribe gained the Aspect of Life, The Stargazing tribe gained the Aspect of Wonder, and The Northern tribe gained the Aspect of Courage. The last tribe, the Moon tribe, was the oldest tribe elven kingdom. The Goddess of the sun entrusted them with a sword, called the Moonblade, which was capable of wielding the power of all Six Aspects at once.

The other tribes became jealous of the power the Moon tribe, and after the initial invasion of humans and dwarves every tribe refused to let the Moon tribe use their Aspect to fully power the Moonblade. As a result, the elves lost the war due to their selfishness. Hundreds of years later, the Moonblade is gone, the Aspects have disappeared, the tribes have disbanded, and elves now live with other races in the elves origin land, Edenis. For the humans, it has been a dozen generations, and they have more or less forgotten the crimes of their ancestors. But with their longer lifetimes, the memory of the war is still fresh in the minds of elves, and some still search for the Moonblade, even with every last one of the Moon tribe's people slaughtered in the war.


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The party should start at level 3. For the past few weeks, they have been working as mercenaries in service to the local Baron. In that time, the party has gotten to know each other as casual work associates, but never really gotten to know each other very well. The town they start in is called Woestyn. It is a walled town in the middle of the desert, outside the human nation of Airum, which spans most of both both continents of Edenis. Elves are scarce in the land, and their popularity is replaced by Dragonborn.

Every night in Edenis, undead creatures rise from the ground and roam the lands. Anyone not behind the safety of walls is likely to be dead to morning. The party works at night, either defending the walls from zombies, or going to look for supply wagons that never showed up to town. One night, a wagon train arrives, with a report of a zombie attack. According to the claim, zombies attacked their rear wagon, and they had to abandon it. The captain of the city guard, Captain Snickers, orders the party to go look for it.


Chapter 1, Stage 1: A Cold Night Outside Woestyn[edit]

The party starts with all of their gear, as well as one horse for each of them. The city armory has more basic equipment for them, if anyone desires something different. The leader of the caravan, an elderly human with a long white beard named Jorick gives them directions. "They are about a half mile out eastwards. The number of monsters that got to that wagon must've been in the double digits by the time we escaped. I'd be surprised if anyone is still out there! Before you leave, be warned, we were transporting a prisoner in that wagon."

Chapter 1, Stage 2 =[edit]

The Party rides out to the east in search of finding the abandoned wagon. It takes only two minutes to find it, or one if someone in the party succeeds a DC 13 Wisdom (Survival) check (if they get there in one minute, there are only three zombies on the wagon and 6 on the other sand dune approaching the scene) When they arrive, read the following passage:

"After a minute or two of travel, you arrive on the top of a sand dune looking down at a mini valley. The wagon you were locating is flipped on it's side at the bottom. Two humans and an elf are on top, and a half dozen zombies are trying to claw their way onto the wagon. At least three more zombies are running towards the wagon from the other side of the sand dune in hopes of feasting on flesh this night."

If someone takes their pre-action to do a Wisdom (preception) check and gets a 15 or higher, say, "You notice that the Elf is not armed, and his hands are bound."

Have the players roll initiative. The zombies have to die for the campaign to progress. The zombies do not respond to any type of reason; they are brainless. The stats for zombies can be found in the back of the PHB or near the end of the MM. The two humans are named Jason and Nickolas, and they have a longsword and spear respectively. There is a large chance they die in this fight. If the PCs save them, they will be rewarded later in the quest for their act of courage. The Elf is named Levi, and he is a theif. He is the prisoner they were transporting. He won't die in this fight, for now he has plot armor.


<- List how the scene can change over time due to character actions. ->


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<- What happens when the adventure is completed? ->


This is a transcript of everything to be awarded the players, and the conditions attached to those rewards, at the end of the adventure. Think of it as a sort of checklist to make sure everything was covered.


Combat Awards
Name of Foe XP per foe
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
Non-Combat Awards
Task or Accomplishment XP per Character
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->

The minimum total award for each character participating in this adventure is X experience points.

The maximum total award for each character participating in this adventure is X experience points.


The characters receive the following treasure, divided up amongst the party. Characters should attempt to divide treasure evenly whenever possible. Gold piece values listed for sellable gear are calculated at their selling price, not their purchase price.

Consumable magic items should be divided up however the group sees fit. If more than one character is interested in a specific consumable magic item, the DM can determine who gets it randomly should the group be unable to decide.

Permanent magic items are divided up according to a system. See the sidebar if the adventure awards permanent magic items.

Treasure Awards
Item Name Sale Value
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->

[[<- Unique Magic Item ->]][edit]

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Each character receives <-X-> downtime days at the conclusion of this adventure.

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