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Puppet [Power]

The character can manipulate the actions of others.
Prerequisite: Int 15+, Power (mental control or telekinesis) 9 ranks, Evolved
Benefit: As a special use of the Power (mental control or telekinesis) skill you may control the actions of others with a DC 20 Mental Control or Telekinesis check to control the actions of others as if using the Control Body spell, except as noted here.
  • The character can use it on multiple creatures (see below).
  • Does not have a duration but requires a move action to maintain control.
  • Can be used against any creature within line of sight of the user and the power does not end when you lose line of sight.

You may control additional creatures with an increase in the DC of +5 per creature.

Example: Lily tries to control a single person and has to make a DC 20 check. If she wanted to control 3 people that would be a DC 30 check, 20 + 10 (for the 2 additional creatures).

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