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Psychic Healing (Wis)[edit]

You can psychically heal yourself and others.

Requirements: Psychometabolism feat

Check: This skill can restore lost hit points or ability score points to you or another creature that you are touching. The result of the Psychic Healing check indicates the amount of damage healed. You can only restore temporary ability damage, not permanent ability drain. The target cannot go above normal maximum hit points or ability scores. Any excess points restored are lost. A dying character restored to 0 or more hit points is automatically stabilized. If the subject has suffered ability damage to more than one ability score, you can divide points of ability scores restored as desired.

DC Amount Healed Strain
10 Stabilize a dying character 1
15 Restore 1d4+1 hit points 1
20 Restore 1d6+2 hit points or 1d4+1 ability score points 2
25 Restore 1d8+4 hit points or 1d6+2 ability score points 4
30 Restore 2d6+6 hit points or 1d8+4 ability score points 6
35 Restore 2d8+8 hit points or 2d6+6 ability score points 8
40 Restore 3d6+10 hit points or 2d8+8 ability score points 10

Special: You can take 10 on Psychic Healing checks, but you can’t take 20.

Retry: You can heal hit points once per hour and ability damage once per day per subject. Any further uses of Heal on the same subject before the required time interval has passed have no effect.

Time: Psychic healing is a full-round action.

Strain: At least 1; see above.

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