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Psionic Augment Crystal: A Psionic Augment Crystal is a special item usable by Soulknifes and similar manifesting classes. It provides an additional enhancement to a Soulknife's Mind Blade. They can be used to provide unique enhancements not normally on the soulknifes enhancement list. The soulknife can only have a single Crystal in their blade at any given time. The bonus from the crystal applies to all mindblades the soulknife manifests unless he chooses otherwise. All damage must be typed (ie, cold, fire, sonic, vile). Unusual damage types may increase the cost (DM decision). A least crystal requires the soulknife to have a +1 Mindblade. A lesser requires a +2, and the Greater requires a +3 Mindblade. The total enhancement on the Mindblade cannot exceed the normal +5/+5 enhancement rules. A greater crystal can exceed the usual +4 enhancement limit or type for a mindblade.

The Soulknife is unable to more than a +5 enhancement on his mindblade with least, lesser, or greater crystals. He must reassign his enhancements to maintain below that number, giving preference to the crystals first. he must drop personal enhancements if required.

An artifact mindblade requires a +4 mindblade or better. In addition, the artifact crystal allows the mindblade enhancement to exceed the norms up to +5/+7. Cost is given for a guideline, specific artifacts in a campaign will require DM fiat.

The Soulknife must meditate to incorporate the crystal into his mindblade. The soulknife incorporates the crystal into his mindblade during the normal process to reassign his mindblade properties. It takes a full reassignment (8 hours or as adjusted by feat) to apply the crystal. Once incorporated, the crystal is stored as part of the blade in psionic memory. The soulknife can rematerialize the crystal as a standard action. In addition, if she enters a null psionics field or dies the crystal re materializes. In that case alone (ie, the blade was already incorporated and was forced to re-materialize) the soulknife can re-incorporate the crystal as a standard action.

The augment crystal appears as blade made of crystal ~2' long. Once incorporated, the blade becomes a part of the mindblade and will adjust size and shape to the manifested mindblade. Crystals may look like a variety of crystals, and include other effects (metal veins, particular coatings, or a design etched into the crystal). The mindblade maintains these effects, but becomes partially transparent as per a standard mindblade.

Examples of various levels:

Least: Roughly equivalent to a +1 enhancement. Includes things like a +1 damage bonus, or a +1 enhancement. (Aura: weak)

Lesser: Roughly equivalent to a +2 enhancement. Includes a 1d6 to damage or a +2 enhancement.(Aura: moderate)

Greater: Roughly equivalent to a +3 enhancement. Includes a 1d6 to damage + burst effect or a +3 enhancement.(Aura: strong)

Artifact: Roughly equivalent to a +4 or better enhancement. Includes any enhancement or combination of enhancements up to +7 total. (Aura: Overwhelming)

Market: 600gp (Least/+1 dam), 3000gp (Lesser/1d6), 6000gp (Greater/1d6 + Burst), 25,000gp (Artifact)

History/ Backstory: Still working on this item...constructive notes in discussion welcome! I'm not real sure on prereqs to construct and would gladly take inputs. Also note great at wiki style. edits for that rock...

Varies varies; DC 21;CL x; xx; Cost working; Activation: Special/Reassign mindblade; Weight: None lb.; Market Price: Varies

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