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Mind defender[edit]

Your trained mind has always been good at attacking but you always preferred defense, you figured out a way to use your mind to protect yourself and friends in battle and out in the world! You are now proficient with shields.

Quick prediction

Your mind is able to run through the probable hit techniques, at 3rd level when you choose this subclass, your AC while not wearing armor is 8 + Intelligence + Proficiency. additionally, friendlies within 5 feet of you gain your proficiency in AC. also you gain resistance against psychic damage.

Shielded mind

Starting at level 6 you can now use "wall of wind" But damage is replaced with force damage, And can cast it as a bonus action. Your experience with shields has made you adapt with using them for offense as well. You can take an hour to bind to your shield. This grants it +1 to the AC bonus it gives you and Now glows a dim color of your choice, granting 5feet of bright light in the color of your choice as well as 5 more feet of dim light. the damage dealt by your atoned shield is now psychic damage and counts as magic for the purpose of avoiding resistances. Additionally, you can recall your shield and make it vanish as a bonus action. You lose the ability to use a weapon and a shield (still able to use focus item) but gain the ability to use your shield as an attack, Using Int+pro to hit and add your int to the damage roll. Additionally, the damage roll for the shield is now 1d6. This increases to 1d8 at level 10 and to a D10 at level 16 and to either 2d6s or 1d12 at level 20. Players choice.

Mind over matter

your mind has adapted to disable all Hindrances to your physical form as well as show up all underneath your growing intelligence. At level 14 Sleep, spells such as suggestion, and illusions have no affect on you. Anyone that entire your mind without permission is delt your Constitution + Intelegence mod + proficiency bonus psychic per minute you can cast message at will at double the range. Additionally, creatures with less than 8 Int automatically fail any int saves inflicted by you, and creatures that have less int than you roll with disadvantage. The creatures affected by your mind no longer excluded undead.

Pray on the week...

You have mastered the defensive properties of your mind, and with the little room left have learned how to reverse the effects on your enemies. Starting at level 18 your AC increase range increases to 20 feet from you and turns the area around you a tinge of color that you choose, those affected also gain resistance to force and psychic damage, and all intelligence saves made while inside it are made with advantage. On the contrary, enemies in this field have their AC reduced by your int modifier and are vulnerable to force and psychic damage. Your Intelligence increases by 4 and now has a max of 24.

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