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Proteum Generator[edit]

A proteum generator.
An energized proteum crystal.

This device uses two stellated dodecahedron-shaped crystals fashioned from energized proteum to draw arcane power from the Weave, the source of all arcane magic, and then subsequently focuses this energy in a contained release. The quantity of energy released can be controlled at will, from zero to maximum output. The generator itself is constructed out of adamantine. The arcana released by the generator can be guided along predetermined paths that are spanned by nodes and delivered via those nodes to the apparatuses that rely on the generator for their power. One generator is capable of providing magical energy to an entire kingdom, or possesses sufficient power to indefinitely keep an entire flying metropolis airborne, as well as powering it.

Next to the direct supplying of power, a proteum generator also emits an arcane energy field with a radius of 5 miles. The area inside this field gains the enhanced magic trait with respect to the Heighten Spell metamagic feat, causing every arcane spell cast to be 2 effective levels higher than it normally is (regardless of level; a 9th level spell becomes effectively 11th level). Similarly, all arcane spellcasters' effective caster levels increase by +2 for the purpose of determining spell effects, defeating spell resitance or beating dispel effects while within this field. An antimagic field is capable of suppressing a proteum generator's field within its effect radius, and dispelling effects can temporarily suppress the function of magical applications powered by a proteum generator.

Construction: Building a proteum generator requires 60 lb. of crystalline proteum, the value of which is subsumed within the cost below. To shape requires either two DC 120 Craft (metalworking) checks and 2,000 XP, or two additional castings of wish (including the one required for the creation and the integration of the proteum within the generator).

Overwhelming evocation; CL 40th; Craft Epic Wondrous Item, antimagic field, fabricate, forcecage, wish; Price 10,440,000 gp; Cost to create 8,220,000 gp + 93,800 XP; Weight 85 lb.

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