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Primordial Echo[edit]

The Loafy Hog Tavern was bustling with voices, drunken and sober, human and dwarven. The tavern was frequented by all sorts of folk, and the bartender, Brottan, had long since learned not to ask too many questions. He didn’t know what sort of business his patrons got up to outside, and he didn’t care. He’d long since given up on caring; there was no point, so long as he got his gold. Never get between a dwarf and his money. That or his beer.

A hooded figure glided up to the bar. It wore a drab gray cloak that entirely obscured the body underneath. Brottan briefly looked over the new visitor before leaning on the bar casually.

“And what’ll ya be havin’ mate?” he asked the stranger.

“Do you know of an elf by the name of Arlta?” the stranger replied, their voice ethereal and eerie.

An awful lot of people came through his bar, but Brottan had never heard a voice such as this. So… strange. And yet... so alluring. Brottan hesitated briefly before he spoke, slightly unsettled.

“Nah, sorry, not ringin’ any bells. Ya buyin’?” Brottan asked, trying to steer the topic back to his profits.

“Yes. A nice mead, perhaps.” the stranger replied. Their voice was emotionless, almost monotone but not quite. It struck Brottan as odd, but he continued gleefully.

“Ah, now you’re speakin’ my language, mate. One Torunn Dirt mead, comin’ up!”

Brottan turned around, grabbed a mug and filled it with mead from a keg.

“Here ya’ go mate!” he said, turning around, but the stranger was gone.

“Huh,” he thought to himself. He quickly looked around the tavern but the cloaked figure was nowhere to be found. He leaned back behind the door, and with a quiet chuckle he took a swig of mead. He never would understand most of the people around here.

Physical Description[edit]

Primordial Echoes are akin to humans or elves in stature and size. Their true form transcends the mortal realm of understanding, and anyone who looks at an echo rationalizes its appearance differently. Some see it as an elf, tall and eerie, while others see simply a normal human, uninteresting, yet somehow something is wrong with it. Echoes are many things to many people, but they always command respect; or fear. The true form of an echo is indescribable in any mortal language. Even the primal tongue of the Primordials can not describe them in their full nature. Only the language of the immortals, Supernal, can describe them truly.


Little is known about the history of the echoes. They seem to have existed for as long as the universe itself, perhaps even longer. Some believe they may have come from beyond the known planes, far from even the reach of the Astral Sea. Others believe them to be secret, dark agents of the primordial, or of the astral deities, but no mortal knows the truth. Only the echoes themselves know, and even then only the highest ranking of them. Many have no idea who or what they are.

Echoes are sexless, genderless, and sterile. They do not reproduce naturally. The means of their creation is unknown but occasionally, once every few millennia, a single echo will manifest. It knows nothing of who or what it is, it simply appears, usually around some source of arcane energy. It is born naked and unarmed, but it has a task it is to accomplish. It does not know its task, but it is prepared with knowledge and skills suited to its mysterious role in the function of the universe. It must figure out its purpose on its own, over time discovering more and more of what they are and what they can do.


Echoes rarely meet one another, and their society, if it exists, is mysterious at best. They live for one purpose, and only upon its completion do they understand that purpose themselves. Little is known of what happens after an echo completes their task. Frequently they show signs of some sort of ultimate understanding, lingering little more with their mortal associates before slinking off in the dead of night, never to be seen again. Perhaps they ascend to some better existence, perhaps they join some secret society, or perhaps they simply cease to exist. Little is known of these beings, for anyone who knows never tells.


Echoes are born nameless. They will usually take on a name associated with where they manifest, sometimes the place of their origin, or sometimes the name of the person who found them, though often they will come up with their own, unique name.


A being beyond our realm of understanding, built to be perfect to accomplish a single, huge task.
Ability Score Increase. Pick one ability score to give a +1 bonus to and one to give +2
Age. Echoes manifest fully mature, and do not die until they have accomplished their task, after that, they usually live about one century before dying, it doesn't give them pain, they just dye.
Alignment. There is no restriction on alignment, but they lean towards Chaotic Good or Neutral.
Size. Medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Transcendence. You have no need for mortal concerns. You are immune to disease. You do not need to eat or breathe, but you can ingest food and drink if you wish. Instead of sleeping, you enter an inactive state for 4 hours each day. You do not dream in this state; you are fully aware of your surroundings and notice approaching enemies and other events as normal.
Innate Talent. You may take a single level in a class of your choice. This cannot be the same as your base class. You gain additional free levels at levels 10,15,and 20.
Languages. Common, Primordial

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