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Primal Layers[edit]

A dwarvish artisan strikes the finishing blow on his masterwork warhammer, just in time for a band of zealous high elves begin assaulting his stronghold with mighty spell blasts. The clan braces itself for the oncoming battle of clashing magical forces.

A grand city begins its annual festival of the cycle. Unbeknownst to all the attendees, a mighty lich resides within the ground, preparing an earth-shaking spell. All of the cheering guests stop and look on with dread as a great skeletal wyvern erupts from the earth.

A noble archmage bids farewell to the world she knows before she transports herself into the grim lower planes, setting out to destroy a powerful artifact. As she treks through the shadowy hellscape, legions upon legions of fiends turn their vile eyes onto her.

All of these events and more take place in the enthralling, captivating Primal Layers setting for D&D 5th Edition. Primal Layers provides grand





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