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Power Beam Saber: This odd item looks similar to a BM1-Buster, but much smaller. There are engravings all around it, many of a sword or a large saber.

Prerequisite: BAB +13 greater, Constitution 20 , at least 8 Ranks in Concentration and GM1-Buster.

Benefit:This cylinder tube once combined with the GM1-Buster produce a blade similar to the spell Mordenkainen's Sword. It's considered a +3 Longsword of force when swung at an enemy and can hit both corperal and incorperal creatures. When you charge you can choose to either fire a ranged blast or swing with a 15 ft arch in front of you. You must make a concentration check DC 20 in order to charge the weapon, doing so is considered a move action. You can hold the charge for a DC 20+1 each round after the first round or be force to release the attack before the end of your turn. The attack deals 4d6+3 and what strength modifier you have. It has the same threat range as a longsword and multiplier as well. If you intend to take a feat to improve the attack, treat it as a long sword or just use power beam saber. Example: Weapon Focus: Long sword/Power Beam Saber.

Special:If your Buster is overheated you can not use the Power Beam Saber at all. If the Buster destroys it self there the saber ejects, but there is a 15% chance that it to will be ruined. The repairing a damaged one is 11,000 gp for serious damage.

CL ; ; Market Price: 22,000 gp

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