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Power Armor[edit]

Power armor, unlike almost any other armor in the wasteland, defends against ballistic, energy, explosive, and melee damage, as well as radiation itself. Your rad pool increases by an amount listed in the “radiation” column. All power armor has the heavy property and requires a unique proficiency that can not be gained by leveling to wear, except for the power armor helmet. You may benefit from normal armor and power armor at the same time. Power armor requires a Fusion Core to function, of which one can power a suit of armor for decades, if not centuries. Most recovered suits are already outfitted with cores, but suits in pre-war storage typically do not.

Power armor hands can come in one of two forms. In Brawler form, you can not wield weapons with the Light property, but Melee attacks deal an additional 1d6 damage. In Commando form, you can wield Light weapons. Armor can be retooled into the other form using advanced machinery for 1/4 of its cost. Certain races are not fit to wear pre-War combat armor. Refitting a suit costs 1/2 of its initial cost.

The t-10 is an early power armor prototype resembling an exo-suit, where as the t-10f is a frame upon which power armor can be attached. You may wear a suit of t-10f power armor while wearing other power armor.

t-10 t-10f
Radiation 10 12
Price 2,000 caps 3,000 Caps
AC +2 +1
carry weight 1,000 lb. 1,000 lb.

T-45 power armor was the first power armor produced on a large-scale by the United States Military. While its durability is undeniable, it is easily outshined by later models.

t-45 t-45b t-45f
Radiation 40 45 50
Price 2,000 caps 2,500 caps 3,000 caps
AC +1 +2 +3
carry weight 500 750 1,000

NCR salavaged power armor is used by NCR heavy troopers. These suits of power armor are most often taken from the bodies of Brotherhood knights who dies in the NCR Brotherhood War. This power armor does not require power armor proficiency and has been adapted to use smaller energy cells. One microfusion cell can power this armor for 1 week, one small energy cell can power this armor for 1 day, and one electron charge pack can power this armor for 11 days.

NCR t-45 NCR t-45b NCR t-45f
Radiation 15 20 25
Price 1,000 caps 1,500 caps 2,000 caps
AC +1 +2 +3
carry weight 250 500 750

Deployed at the end of the Anchorage Reclaimation, T-51 power armor became standard issue to all United States power armor infantry units. It is the magnum opus of pre-War power armor.

t-51 t-51b t-51f
Radiation 60 70 80
Price 3,000 caps 3,500 caps 4,000 caps
AC +2 +3 +4
carry weight 750 1,000 1,250

Created by the Brotherhood of Steel after the Project Purity conflict, T-60 power armor combines the technological advancements of the X series with the low cost design of previous T series power armor.

t-60mk1 t-60mk2 t-60mk3
Radiation 90 100 110
Price 3,500 Caps 4,500 Caps 5,000 Caps
AC +3 +4 +5
carry weight 1,150 1,400 1,650

X series power armor was created post-war by the Enclave. While easily the greatest suit of armor ever constructed, it was incredibly resource heavy to create.

X-01 X-02 X-03 “Hellfire”
Radiation 100 120 140
Price 4,000 Caps 5,000 caps 6,000 caps
AC +3 +4 +5
carry weight 1,000 1,250 1,500

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