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Potted Plant[edit]

"Everyone knows that if you lose to a pot plant you die of shame, it does not matter if it is buffed to be more powerful than an ancient plutonium dragon."

Physical Description[edit]

imagine a pot with a plant in it, you are close.


When creatures started to build houses they needed decorations. no one knew they were creating a new race of monsters.


Pot plants generally live in whatever location they are placed. sometimes communities occupy a single pot.

Pot plant Names[edit]

Pot plants are generally not named but when they are they are usually named by crazy people or biologists.

Genderless(both genders) Spikey (the cactus), leafy, grassy, petal, Sarah, Bob, Sequoias.

Pot plant Traits[edit]

You draw the Lv1 pot plant. What could go wrong.

Ability Score Increase. wisdom +2 and charisma +1
Age. Pot plants live for varying lengths of time depending on the type of plant and conditions.
Alignment. Pot plants are generally true neutral but have been known to take a side as evil, poisonous monsters or as good helpful plants with actual use.
Size. Pot plants are generally small or tiny(up to 3ft tall) but have been found to be massive trees etc. use relevant size and bonus rules.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 0 feet.
Blind sight. Can't see normally but can use blind sight up to 60ft
Telepathy. cannot speak most normal languages but can substitute for 100ft telepathy which has similar effect to talking.
Photosynthesis. can survive off sunlight, water and access to carbon dioxide(aqueous or in air).
Plant like. when still the pot plant looks just like a normal pot plant.
Magic. All plants that are going to be adventurers learn a little magic and can use druid craft, mage hands(in place of normal hands(2)) and misty step as a 2nd level spell(in place of movement), pot plants don't require components of any kind to cast spells (Trait is lost in event of transformation magic or when not a plant).
Languages. can speak plant and knows one other language (usually the language of the owner of the pot plant)

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