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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Laughing Mask
Home Plane: The Outer Plane of Heaven
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: Trickery and Jokes and Acrobatics
Clergy Alignments: CG, LG, NG
Domains: Good, Protection, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Morningstar
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More information...

Court jesters, tumblers and street performers are often known to worship Pook.

Pook is an easy dieity to follow but hard to understand. Pook stresses happiness and laughter above all else. Followers of Pook are not required to make regular monitary tithes, instead they worship by performing. For a follower of Pook all the world is a stage and every stage is a temple. Pook requires that each follower know some type of performance. Pook does not care what type of performance a follower knows as long as it makes people happy. For the truly faithful Pook requires a quest of Pooks choosing. Followers who are chosen for these quests are forbidden to tell anyone of the nature of the quest. People have speculated the nature of these quests, but it is all purly speculation. When seemingly normal people start behaving strangely and doing strage things like leaving in the middle of the night with nothing but ten silver peices, a peice of chalk,a ball of twine and a half shorn sheep, people will say "Pooks quest!" or "Pook smiles on that one....." Some people who embark on these quests are never seen again, while others return changed people. To date no one has disclosed the nature of their quest! Clerics of other faiths believe that Pook places some kind of Geas on the quester that prevents discloser. Most temples to Pook are located in theaters or in tavern basements. The few dedicated temples to do exist are always found in abandoned temples of forgotten gods. They are always a a riot of color and activity. Pooks temples never close their doors, in fact some of the temples don't even have doors. There is little of value inside of the temples and for some strange reason any items that are stolen from Pooks followers while in one of Pooks temples always seem to find their way back to the owner. Pooks followers are all loved but Jesters and Fools are the most beloved of all. Pook loves a Fool and everyone knows this. This is why rulers keep Jesters and Fools around, no matter how annoying they may be. Historically every great ruler that has fallen from grace had banished or dismissed their Fool or Jester. This favored status is recognized by the common folk as well and Fools and Jesters can count on a meal and a place to sleep in exchange for a few hours of laughter. Fools and Jesters who have taken advantage of this have found themselves unable to speak or worse until they have atoned. Clerics of Pook are not renown for their ability to heal normal wounds, but for Pook laughter is the best medicine. Clerics of Pook are often mistaken as Bards and unbeknownst to people outside of the faith all of Pooks high priests and priestesses are Court Jesters or Villigage Idiot. People don't know what sex Pook is and most followers don't care. Pooks clergy follow a simple mantra " If it is stupid and it makes people laugh, it is no longer stupid, it's funny!"

Clergy and Temples[edit]

His small temples are a riot of color.


Dorath is a deity of the Lore of Arda campaign setting.

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