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This modern age is known as the City States In Chaos because of the continental-wide war that lasted twenty-five years until paused in a tense stalemate. The civilized south lost most of the countryside towns and cities and the four remaining city states are surrounded by refugee camps, lost natural resources, and disturbed trade routes. Each city's government is fragile and open to rebellion. The masses are unhappy, starving, and homeless as war refugees. This is a hard time to be alive. The near future and far future are covered in darkness and hopelessness.

These plot and adventure sites are summary statements. They should contain the background, the goal, and the reward of the adventure.

1. The Sorcerers' Plaque: [level 7-12+] In the wilderness, Sestos' tower has been taken over by an evil wizard who is poisoning the nearby village and taking further villages into slavery. It is known that he is in league with an evil cleric and he is using Lizardfolk as his minions. Sestos' tower is believed to hold the secrets of planiear travel and hold the Crown of Domination, a platinum crown that empowers its wearer to dominate people within hundred feet.

2. Overwhelming Undead: [level 7-12+] In the territory of Sidereal, independent human wizard Kordon Hopsman the Wise is overwhelmed at his tower with a continual assault from overwhelming undead and has sent out a call for help from heroes with promised support and rewards. Go to Kordon the Wise and negotiate the terms of your help. Fight the undead and discover that dark, evil forces are behind this fight that covers a larger agenda. This is an opportunity to be a local hero, gain wealth and magic, gain fame, and hook into a continental conflict that can lead to your name being renown for generations; if you are up to it.

3. Helping Deepwell: [level 1-5] The independent town in the wilderness, Deepwell, is being attacked and plundered by raiders dressed in black and wearing red and black masks. Men are being killed and women and children are being taken as prisoners. There seems to be more going on here than what is plainly stated. The goal is to stop the raiding by capturing or killing the raiders. They have requested heroes to help them and promised a financial reward; who knows what treasures the raiders. This is an opportunity to be local heroes, gain wealth and magic, and gain fame.

4. Holy Warriors: [level 7-12 or level 12+] Be a Holy Warrior on a quest to destroy an evil that has and will threaten the whole continent. Bronze City has set aside a cult of holy warriors who are dedicated to the defeat of the Empire of Dorinth. Accept the call, cross the mountains into enemy territory, and defeat the enemy. You will be the Special Forces leading soldiers into enemy territory to do hit and runs, discover the enemy's weaknesses, and fight evil in small scale combat and large scale combat. Make alias, kill enemies, and join the continental conflict against an evil empire for good, for fame, and for fortune.

5. Last Green Dragon of Whitebeach's Green Forest: [level 7-12] Be a hero of Whitebeach, be a dragon slayer! When Shealong invaded Whitebeach on the east coast, he sent four green dragons. Three were killed during the invasion. The last green dragon has taken a lair in the Green Forest and has been attacking the villages and trade ships as Whitebeach tries to rebuild. Explore the Green Forest, find and kill the green dragon, receive its treasure and the reward of Whitebeach. This is an opportunity to be a national hero and have statutes built of you and towns named after you.

6. Fire and Goblins: [level 1-5+] Near Helmskeep, a volcano is believed to be the home of a fire giant establishing a kingdom connected to a Goblin Chieftain. They have started fighting with the Dwarves and a new settlement by Helmskeep, they fear that they will attack the new settlement, or at least, interfere with trade. Therefore, the new Baron has commissioned the adventuring party of mercenaries to go to one of three discovered cave entrances into the Goblin Kingdom. Explore the Goblin caves, kill Goblins, and eliminate the threat. If possible, discover the path to the fire giant, the new Baron has promised to send help to fight the fire giant. What is the connection between the Goblins and the Giant? What is this building toward? Are there other alliances to be feared? This is an opportunity to be local heroes, gain wealth and magic, and gain fame.

7. What Happened to Goldemunde Citadel? [level 1-5 or level 7-12] Be a Hero of the South by traversing a mountain range, fighting evil, gaining information, and maybe (just maybe) rescuing a whole Dwarven kingdom from tyranny. The Dwarven Kingdom of Goldemunde Citadel is rumored to have been conquered by Emperor Sidereal. The adventurer group is commissioned by Helmskeep to travel 1000 miles through the East Mountain Range in wilderness to spy what has happened and if possible to aid the liberation of the Citadel. Will you answer the call for this long-term mission, for this dangerous adventure covering great distance? Great rewards and fame await such a successful adventure.

8. Copper River Dark Canyon and Sink Hole: [level 7-12+] Be a hero of the Elves, fight evil, gain gold and magic and fame in the process. Before the countryside can recover from the invasion, an Elven war breaks out between the surface elves of Urie Treecircle and their dark cousins the Drows. In Whitebeach's territory, go and explore the Dark Canyon and Sink Hole, where it is rumored is a hole to the Underdark. Beware of Drows! Win a war, aid the elves, kill the Drows and discover fame and untold wealth in the darkness. Are you afraid? You should be.

9. Gold Patrol: [level 1-5] The merchants of Sidereal have sent out a call to hire adventures as guards for their overland caravan. As guards, go with a caravan carrying silver from Sidereal to Whitebeach a seven hundred mile trip through dangerous territory in the aftermath of the invasion. Earn pay as guards and enjoy the encounters along the way. Is something mysterious going on between the merchants on the caravan? Why do you have the feeling that the dangers on the road are connected and controlled by greater forces? Have you walked into something greater and mysterious than you expected? Sounds like a simple task, but with the many twists and turns, becomes a fight against evil and ends with a difficult moral decision that impacts continental politics. {similar to Pilate's Silver, overland version}

10. Pirate's Silver: [level 1-5] Accept a commission to guard a merchant ship from Sidereal to Helmskeep over a thousand mile trip along a pirate coast. Protect the goods from pirate raiders ... or, steal a ship becoming pirates and attack the merchant ship from Sidereal to Helmskeep. The adventurer group can play it either way. Regardless of choice, either way, it is fun on the water. Gain fame and treasure with a successful mission on either side. {similar to Gold Patrol, sea version}

11. Creating Utopia: [level 1-5] Settlers are going into the wilderness. Go as mercenaries, guards, or settlers, as a group of settlers go into the wilderness to create a new settlement named Utopia. Defend the group, create a settlement, use the new settlement as a base of adventuring, discover the ulterior motives of the settlers, the hidden dangers of the wilderness, and the in-your-face dangers of the wilderness. This is an opportunity to be a local hero, a person of influence, and gain hidden treasure in the dangerous wilderness.

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