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April Fools!
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Alignment. neutral good

Divine Rank.

this deity was created when red Dragonborn druids of lawful neutral alignment began razing villages to sacrifice to a nature god while trying to cause as much mayhem as possible. due to the obvious influx of entropy created by this event, ur average everyday computer geek from an alternate reality was sucked into a wormhole and transported here. said geek was the legendary hacker from Undertale.He then witnessed all this unfold before him, and saw that no gods were participating out of embarrassment. So, of course, the hacker reworked the nearby magic(because the computer could use magic for power(don't ask how)) and pressed ctrl+z and undid the day. EVERY GOD noticed and came down to chastise Player, who simply said"look, if you're not gonna bother with all this entropy flying around like a basket of lighting in a cat, I'm going to deal with it whether u like it or not" the gods thought this was a great idea, that way they could be a bit more lazy while someone ELSE fixed up the laws of magic and they could catch a break(since they are SO busy). they made him the Demi-god of 'Haxing' which is what player wanted to call itself. they left the world as-is and just did the events for the day over again.

although usually in the Astral Plane, Player sometimes dips into the shadofell(because weebs hate the sun)to see how things are going, if player notices a particularly large amount of confusing stuff happening player freezes time in that area and rolls it back until player finds the cause, usually not more than a few weeks. after finding the problem Player will then change some things around to prevent some, if not, all of the cause of the entropic magic funnel/creation. for this reason Player LOVES messing with wild magic sorcerers because they are BORN from entropy, and thus are supposed to be PLAYER'S problem, not too much of a bother anyway

generally Player looks like an underaged, anemic,drunk,and/or cloaked chibbi kiddo walking like an undead or something but clearly alive.

all the other gods like that this demigod bothered to do some of the work when literally all the other gods had other 'better' things to do.

due to not being widely known at all(other than those red Dragonborn druids) they don't really worship this one unless player reveals itself, which would be veryx20 rare. the clerics would likely look like math teachers tho, as the way to contact this god is to use a sequence of numbers(using the deueydecimal system(base 12 or 0-12)00 = a to cc=z. places of worship would be your average wizarding collage, or really any place out of the sun with lotsa ways to do m(H)agic.

PLAYER takes in interest in ALL uncharacteristic events(as an example, undead saving a village without control,a golem obtaining sentiance by just standing there, a plant spontaneously moving for not reason, a troll learning to read/write undercommon,an angle befriending a demon and vice versa, best friends killing each other for love somehow, and the list goes on

generally since the wild magic table exists, that and all things affected by it would relate to this demigod. and since trickery is also a thing, a blue, green, and yellow box are all related by way of each affecting reality without anyone noticing(except player). and for knowledge, purple, orange, and red books of terrible strangeness(THEY ARE WRITTEN IN NUMBERS)

describing each blue: ignores the immediate past and teleports the player randomly while attuned causing anything from mud appearing to the item itself simply replacing itself with a barricade

green: influences the present by making die rolls matter more, crits deal triple rather than double, and crit fails(even on saving throws)cause you to lose whatever you were using for ur die rolls(unless it's attached to you, like your hand, a sword and a spellcasting focus are things that will get lost)

yellow: grow's and shrinks the user until they shrink/grow to half/twice their size 6 inches a day at a time. 36 inches is a size category for me, roll a 20 above 10 = grow otherwise below 10 = shrink if it IS 10 then nothing happens 20s and 1s have double affects

red: this book is bad, not good, it causes the holder to go insane if they EVER contradict themselves in it's presence (the book's contents read 'the sentence is false' thus causing the reader to go insane

purple: for every bad status applied to the attuned while on the same plane as the attuned, the book will add a scroll of a single level 6 or below spell into it's pages for transcription, if a page is ripped out, but not immediately used, the book will explode and reform in Player's hands, player then gives it to the next weeaboo seen from the astral plane -->

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