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A strong, very durable, very heavy metal used to make platinum pieces, jewelry, and other things. Known for resisting corrosion, and covering the good dragon god Bahamut.

General Description[edit]

To gain any of these properties a DC15 craft check must be made to make an alloy from adamentite which costs an extra 50gp per pound of material.
Platinum has fire resistance 20 and is immune to acid.
Platinum is so costly that Armor and Weapons made from it are always of masterwork quality; the masterwork cost is included in the prices given below.
Platinum is so difficult to work with that the DC to make an item is +15 higher than a normal masterwork version to create.
Platinum has 60 Hit Points per inch of thickness and Hardness 25.


An item made from platinum weighs three times as much as the same item made from steel. Unless the platinum is in a alloy with adamentite it actually has only half the normal armor class of the armor it's made into.

Armor: Due to the density of Platinum, all armors are considered to be one category heavier than normal. Light armors become medium, medium become heavy, and heavy remain heavy. Fortunately, the extra mass makes it much harder to get past, providing the fortification bounus for free on medium and heavy armor. Medium armor gets light(25%) and heavy gets moderate(75%).

Weapon: In the case of weapons, the weight of the platinum only provides a +1 to the damage of one handed weapon bludgeoning weapons, and +2 to two handed bludgeoning weapons. (A longsword can be a platinum weapon, while a scythe cannot be.)

Natural Bonus[edit]

Armor: Armor made from platinum grants its wearer increased Armor Class of +1 if it’s light armor, +2 if it’s medium armor, and +3 if it’s heavy armor.

Weapons: Weapons fashioned from platinum have a natural ability to bypass hardness when sundering weapons or attacking objects, ignoring hardness less than 20. They also count as being silver and adamantine for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Item Type, Cost and Bonus[edit]

All the Costs and bonuses listed are for Medium Sized creatures. For Smaller creatures decrease the bonus by -1 to AC or Hit & Damage for each size category smaller than medium. For Larger Creatures, increase the bonus by +1 for each size category larger than medium.

Type of Platinum Item Item Cost Modifier Item Bonus Modifier
Light Shield +8,000 gp +1 AC
Large Shield +16,000 gp +2 AC
Light Armor +20,000 gp +1 AC
Medium Armor +40,000 gp +2 AC
Heavy Armor +60,000 gp +3 AC
Ammunition +180 gp each Counts as silver, adamantine
Small Weapon +10,000 gp Counts as silver, adamantine
Medium Weapon +18,000 gp Counts as silver, adamantine
Large Weapon +27,000 gp Counts as silver, adamantine

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