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  • You gain no spells from choosing this subclass, but you get one extra 1st level spell slot*

At first level -You have become adept at moving your body throughout the known realms. As a bonus action, you can shift to any other plane of existence that you know of. On each of your turns you must use a bonus action to stay on that plane or you may return to a point within 300 ft of where you left. When shifting, you may take up to two willing creatures with you. (you can use this feature twice per long rest. This increases by 1 at 3rd, 7th, 11th, and 15th levels)

At first level -You have adapted to being transported through worlds, you are resistant to necrotic damage.

At first level -You always know what time it is and which way is which without the help of a compass.

At sixth level -You have become fast enough to avoid incoming attacks by temporarily shifting your plane. When a creature makes an attack on you, you can use your reaction and roll a D20, if you roll higher than the attack, you shift your plane and return immediately after the attack fails. (This does not work with opportunity attacks)

At fourteenth level -When you plane shift you are able to stay in the other plane of existence indefinitely, but anyone you bring with you is transported back to your original plane and takes 7d10 necrotic damage.

At eighteenth level -When returning from your shift, you may reappear inside a creature causing them to essentially be under the affects of Power Word Kill. If they were to die from this, they explode and you are covered in blood until it is cleaned off.

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