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Pit Fiend[edit]

Cruel Greater Devils who serve as Taskmasters and Generals and lead the Infernal Armies

Racial Traits
Average Height: 10'2"-12'5" (Disclaimer: Try to stay towards the short end of the spectrum so as to not anger the DM for being too large)
Average Weight: 720-900 lbs (Same disclaimer as with height)
Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Charisma or +2 Dexterity
Size: Medium
Speed: 5 squares, Fly 6 (must end your move action on the ground or you will fall) squares
Vision: Darkvision
Languages: Common, Supernal, Abyssal
Skill Bonuses: +2 Intimidate +2 Endurance
Infernal Origin: You have the devil and immortal keywords. You are considered a devil and/or immortal for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin.
Infernal Scales: You gain Resist Fire and Resist Necrotic equal to your Constitution modifier + 1/2 your level, at the drawback of weakness to Radiant 4
Baatezu Officer: Your battle hardiness grants you the "Toughness" feat
Archdevil's Right Hand: Choose one of the nine Archdevils to follow loyally; (This counts as your character's background)

Follower of Bel:You gain a +2 attack bonus when making an opportunity attack, you have a +2 skill bonus to Athletics

Follower of Dispater:You gain a +1 power bonus to Armor Class and Fortitude defenses while bloodied, you have a +2 skill bonus to Endurance

Follower of Mammon:You gain one additional healing surge, you have a +2 skill bonus to the Diplomacy, Bluff, and Intimidate skills

Follower of Belial:You gain a +1 to attack while adjacent to an ally, you can increase this to a +2 to attack for one turn at the cost of taking -1 to armor class until the end of the round, you have a +2 skill bonus to Perception

Follower of Levistus:You gain Telepathy and can communicate telepathically with anyone or anything that has a language ten squares or closer to you, you have a +2 skill bonus to Bluff

Follower of Glasya:Once per day you can resolve a diplomacy check as if you rolled a natural 20, you have a +2 skill bonus to Diplomacy

Follower of Baalzebul:You gain a +1 to attack and and +1 to your will defense while bloodied, you have a +2 skill bonus to History

Follower of Mephistopheles:You gain a +2 to attack with all spells with the fire keyword or that do fire damage, you have a +2 skill bonus to Arcana

Follower of Asmodeus:You gain additional hit points equal to half your level (up to a maximum of +10 hp), you have a +2 skill bonus to Perception

The pit fiends are the highest ranking greater devils in the infernal army, they make up not only the higher ranks of the army however but instead also make up the lower noble caste. They are outranked only by the nine archdevils and are feared and by respected by all other devils, and rightfully so.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Pit Fiends are big and towering masses of scales but somehow manage to still be relatively graceful. They are blood red and covered head to toe in scales and spines, their heads bear horns similar to that of the horned devils and their mouths are grotesque, filled with fangs, poison, and disease. Most Pit Fiends do not wear much armor, preferring to rely solely on their naturally defensive scales, however some Pit Fiends are capable of recognizing the benefits of a good strong armor if not for defense then at least for its enchantments. Pit Fiends like to adorn themselves with the heads of angels, displaying their trophies for all to see.

Attitudes and Beliefs[edit]

Pit Fiends are the epitome of all that is evil and unholy, they are nearly incapable of doing good deeds, they have no morals but are capable of great loyalty to other devils and in rare cases to the conjurers who summon them but usually they simply betray who or what summoned them. A Pit Fiend adventuring on the surface is probably in service of the Archdevils on an important mission to better devil-kind or was summoned there by a conjurer that he or she then subsequently killed. Pit Fiend adventurers are hated and feared by all but the most powerful and evil mortals. They are incapable of earning mortal trust and would not want to anyways. They see mortals as obstacles or on rare occasions sometimes a means to an end but never anything more.

Pit Fiend Communities[edit]

Pit Fiends have no communities on the surface world but in the Nine Hells Pit Fiends are lords and generals of great esteem. The infernal communities have a very strict caste system with the Pit Fiends at the head.

Pit Fiend Adventurers[edit]

Pit Fiend Adventurers explore the mortal plane in order to kill paladins and other of the lawful good alignment as well as the chaotic evil demons that the devils spend much of their resources fighting.

Warlock/Hexblade: Pit Fiends are from the infernal plane and therefore can easily tap into the infernal magic that warlocks favor and combined with the Pit Fiends combat affinity they make perfect Hexblades.

Blackguard: Pit Fiends are both strong and charismatic, the prime abilities of a Blackguard, and being evil they give into vices far easier than other races.

Warlord: Pit Fiends are natural leaders and make them prime candidates for the leader role of being a Warlord.

Three sample Pit Fiend adventurers are described below.

Gabranth is a male Pit Fiend Blackguard who came to the mortal plane because he was summoned by a conjurer that he slew as soon as he reached the mortal plane. Now he wanders the lands looking for self-righteous paladins and clerics to slay and mortal women to corrupt.

Thessalia is a female Pit Fiend Warlord that was exiled from the infernal plane for refusing to kill an unarmed enemy. She adventures across the lands trying to be good, or at least as close to being good as a devil could possibly be. She struggles with her infernal existence and every moment is a battle of good and evil deep within in her heart. She wishes to make friends the will help her stay on the path of good.

Sepharon is a male Pit Fiend Hexblade that came to the mortal plane in service to his master Asmodeus. He travels the plane helping the few non self-righteous demon hunters hunt demons. Not out of the goodness of his blackened heart but rather to hinder the demons for they are the devil's most dangerous enemies.

Roleplaying a Pit Fiend[edit]

When creating a Pit Fiend adventurer, here are a few points to consider.

You are not a book to be judged by its cover You may look like a brute but remember you are cunning, calculating, and above all intelligent.

You hate the Self-Righteous and the Gods You hate the mortal gods and those who worship them, especially Bahamut, this means you are most likely to be at odds with most mortal party members.

You are a natural leader No matter your class you want to be in charge of the party and if you are not you might try and usurp the current leader in order to assert you own unholy dominance.

Pit Fiend Characteristics: Domineering, Selfish, Evil, Cruel, Tyrannical, War-Mongering, Manipulative

Pit Fiend Male Names: Sepharon, Gabranth, Axis, Archonius, Baalix, Vaedor, Mavien

Pit Fiend Female Names: Thessalia, Mollis, Raevin, Szar, Kasoria

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