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Pick of Tiamat[edit]

"I killed him with a single swing. BANG. FALL. He was dead. I took up that blasted Great Sword and threw it into the pit of lava. I won. I killed Lord Owin Temnip. And now nothing stands in the way of my queen Tiamat! NOTHING!!" - A passage from the diary of Ramon Siaxis, the dark fiend.

This +6 Bane (good dragons) Heavy Pick was forged from the fires of the nine Hells and with the hammers of the most skilled devil metal workers, it is a wicked looking Pick was created for the purpose of killing good dragons. Its said that if someone of evil dragon blood or an Evoil wields it then its true potential is realesed. This is true. If a evil Half-Dragon, an evil dragon in human form, or an Evoil wields it then it becomes a +8 Good dragon smiting Heavy Pick. This works like this; once per a day the wielder can speak a key word, Tiamat, and for 4d4 rounds if they break the armor class of any one with good dragon blood, instead of dealing damage they instantly kill that person.

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