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Phantom Reins: Phantom Reins were invented a few years ago by a promising young Wizard who traveled quite a lot. By snapping the Reins, the owner can summon a Phantasmal Steed, as the spell at will. When summoned, the steed appears in the owner's space (with the owner mounted), with full hit points. If the steed is reduced to 0 hit points while summoned, the Reins cannot be used again until dawn the next day. There are three versions of the Reins, each at a different caster level.

The CL 8 version of the Reins is the most common. The steed conjured has a speed of 160 feet, 15 HP, and possesses the 8th level ability described in the spell description on page 260 of the Player's Handbook. These reins cost 15,000 GP, and have a faint Conjuration aura. It can be used for 8 hours each day.

The CL 10 version has a speed of 200 feet, 17 HP, and both the 8th and 10th level abilities described on page 260 of the Player's Handbook. This version costs 25,000 GP, and has a faint aura as well. It can be used for 10 hours each day.

The CL 12 version has a speed of 240 feet, 19 HP, and the 8-12th level abilities on page 260 of the Player's Handbook. This version costs 35,000 GP, and has a moderate conjuration aura. It can be used for 12 hours each day.

Regardless of version, the Reins require the following to be crafted:

CL Varies; Craft Wondrous Item, Phantom Steed, and a CL of at least that of the reins being crafted.

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