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Perpetually dark, Penumbra is a world in search of those who would bring it light. It is an unpleasent place for the common citizentry, and keeping from falling to despair, and thus death, is a common struggle. The world calls for a bringer of light, someone to carry the torch to expulse the shades of fear across the land. Can a a hero, a determined soul, bring light back into the world? Or will they seek to plunge it into eternal darkness?

Player Info

Character Creation
A guide to a chacter within Penumbra.
The races that live on Penumbra.
A list of classes related to Penumbra.
Feats, Flaws & Traits
A list of additional feats, flaws and traits.

Setting Information

The history of Penumbra.
The landscape of Penumbra.

DM Information

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