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Legend has it that followers of Bahamut had originally created these amulets to help in the fight against Tiamat. Unfortunately, the magic didn't work exactly as it should have, causing a curse to befall anyone who dons such an amulet. Tiamat's followers found out about these amulets and mimicked them in Tiamat's name, including the curse. The Pendants of Dragon Rage created by Tiamat's followers are far worse than those of Bahamut's followers.


  • Price - 45,000gp
  • Body Slot - Neck
  • Minimum Character Level 5
  • Aura - Strong; (DC 30) Transmutation
  • Activation --
  • Weight - 0.5 lb.


The Pendants of Dragon Rage are items of great power, but at a great cost to the wearer. A character who dons a Pendant of Dragon Rage is cursed. The curse forces the wearer to turn into an Adult Dragon whenever they become angered when the character fails a Control Shape check (Will save DC 25). For five minutes after changing into the Adult Dragon, the character experiences an uncontrollable rage regardless of alignment of the character or the dragon they turned into; however, if the character turns into a Chromatic Adult Dragon the period of rage is increased by an entire hour. This rage is uncontrollable and the transformed character will attack everything in sight. The type of Adult Dragon the character turns into depends on the dragon depicted upon the amulet. Characters who change into an Adult Dragon in a space that would not permit the size of an Adult Dragon are teleported to the nearest free space that the Adult Dragon can fit in. A character who has been turned into an Adult Dragon in this way gains full control of his new form after they come out of their rage. Also, once out of the rage, the character may take a full action and make a Control Shape check (Will save DC 20) every half an hour to change back into their base form. The DC reduces every half hour by 5. The character is not forced to change back into their base form until an entire day has passed.

A Pendant of Dragon Rage cannot be removed without the sacrifice of two level four arcane or divine spells while casting a Remove Curse spell.


A variant of this amulet can be that the character turns into an Adult Dragon when they become scared. For the equal amount of time of 5 minutes (Metallic Dragons) and 1 hour (Chromatic Dragons), the character becomes panicked once in Adult Dragon form. This makes for a fairly humorous campaign and is not recommended for too serious of campaigns.

DM Notes[edit]

Characters who find such an amulet can make a Knowledge (religion) check (DC 35) to identify what the amulet is. A further Knowledge (nature) check (DC 20) reveals the type of dragon depicted on the amulet. This can be a potentially powerful item to characters who get angry often or are evil. The character essentially becomes an Adult Dragon of the dragon depicted on the amulet.

Warning: Do NOT let a barbarian wear this amulet unless you wish to have him almost always wipe the party.


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