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Weapon (chain, blade), Rare (requires attunement by a male wizard of 40 years or older with an Intelligence score of 15 or higher, stroking Pebble and singing a lullaby for 1 hour)

Pebble is a 20ft length of chain with a handle on one end and a long blade on the other. Pebble is able to use Retaliation once per round and give the wielder Relentless Endurance once per long rest. Pebble is a weapon and cannot equip, wear or carry items or clothing. When not being held Pebble will coil around the body of her wielder like a belt.

Pebble is a one handed, heavy, martial, reach weapon with a weight of 25 lbs. and a range of 20 feet. Pebble does 5d8 slashing damage on an attack or retaliation plus an additional 5d4 necrotic damage.

When Dirgen the Forsaken is wielding Pebble he is considered proficient and level 2 conflict cannot take place. When wielded by anyone other than Dirgen the Forsaken level 2 conflict will still take place.

When Pebble is drawn she will levitate around the body of her wielder until she is commanded to strike (commanding Pebble to attack requires 1 action) or restrained a foe of large, medium or small size (commanding Pebble to restrain a foe requires 1 action and uses an Athletics or Acrobatics check of 19. If restrained succeeds it can be broken with a successful DC 15 Athletics check, each failure raises the DC by 1 up to a total of 20), subsequently Pebble will be unable to attack any other targets whilst restraining a foe.

Sentience. Pebble is chaotic neutral with an Intelligence of 13(+1), Wisdom of 10(+0), Charisma of 18(+4), and has hearing and darkvision out to a range of 20ft. Pebble understands Common and Giant, but can only communicate telepathically with her attuned wielder.
Personality. Pebble is the daughter of Dirgen the Forsaken a Goliath Wizard. Dirgen the Forsaken made a foolish error that resulted in the death of his entire herd as well as his wife (Pebbles mother) and mortally wounded Pebble. In an attempt to save her life Dirgen extracted her soul and placed it within a nearby length of bladed chain. Dirgen sought a way to return his daughter to a mortal body but Pebble only cared about being with her father, any male wizard can take the role of Pebbles father if they take the time to attune and care for pebble but she will always heed Dirgen above anyone. Pebble will refuse to harm any woman who is not a threat to her father unless being wielded by Dirgen. Pebble will always attempt to return to her father when separated, she has a movement speed of 60 feet but cannot attack or grapple without her fathers command.

Pebble is quite young and immature and dislikes being punished, shouted at, insulted or blamed, if the wielder is not Dirgen and displays these tendencies towards Pebble too often it will result in conflict. Should Pebble's father be harmed whilst wielding her during combat she will become enraged, retaliating against the attacker (this refers to the retaliation ability), if her father falls in combat but is not outright killed Pebbles rage will restore his HP from 0 to 1 once per day (this refers to the Relentless Endurance ability). Pebble will at times suggest childish pranks that she wants to commit, if you are willing you may give your body over to Pebble temporarily and watch her work or even suggest improvements to her tricks. Should Pebbles wielders Intelligence fall below 13 Pebble will attempt to temporarily possess her wielder for a bit of harmless mischief, unless the wielders Intelligence has fallen below 5 they may attempt to resist Pebbles possession with a DC 15 wisdom check, failure results in the Wielder being controlled by the DM and causing a random mischievous act from hiding someones possessions to drawing graffiti or even adding too much spice to a meal (I leave this up to the imagination of the DM).

Conflict level 1. Should Pebbles wielder behave in a mean or cruel manner towards her it will create a conflict, Pebble will become sullen and be unwieldy in combat giving disadvantage on all attacks made with her and she will no longer use retaliate or restrain.

Conflict level 2. Should her wielder display this mean or cruel side against her a second time she will restrain (See restrain above) her wielder, and attempt to choke him to death, if the restrain is not broken within 1 minute the wielder will become unconscious, if no one is able to remove Pebble from the wielder after they fall unconscious they will be choked to death with the phrase "You are not my father...My father would never be mean to me...My father loves me" repeated over and over, anyone who touches Pebble whilst she is choking her wielder can hear her voice within their mind.

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