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Path of the Unstoppable[edit]

Throughout time Barbarians have been seen as the tough, hardy fighters who can endure the elements and battles. However a seldom few find paths to harden their body even further, making them as unassailable as the strongest fortress or as steady as the tallest mountain.

Hearty Endurance

At level 3 you can use your action to regain a number of hit points equal to half your hitpoint maximum. After that combat, you gain two levels of exhaustion.

Unwavering Resistance

Beginning at 6th level, you learn to shrug off the blows of your enemies. You can use your reaction to gain resistance to a single instamce of any damage type except physic or force. You can only use this during a rage.

What Doesn't Kill You

At Level 10 While raging, when an enemy hits you with a melee attack, provided that it doesn't knock you unconscious, you can temporary hitpoints equal to half your barbarian level (rounded down) plus your constitution modifier. Once you use this ability, you can't use it again until you finish a short or long rest.


Beginning at 14th level, you can decide to become Unstoppable when you rage. When you do, your movement speed increases by 10 feet and you gain the benifits of the "freedom of movement" spell. You also gain proficiency in all saving throws while the rage lasts.

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