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Path of the Lightning Rager[edit]

Lightning is one of nature's most powerful phenomena. With a mighty flash and a great roar, these electrical discharges have been known to bring about destruction in its wake. With that said, many people have wanted to learn and harness the power of Lightning, including many tribes of Barbarians, especially those who live near stormy areas.

Barbarians who draw on this power have come to harness the power of lightning through a combination of physical might, magic, and sheer luck. With eyes glowing of electrical fury, these men leap into the fray of combat with their weapons glowing blue with static electricity and shouting the mightiest of roars, imitating the phenomena that they've come to revere.

Lightning Fueled

Starting when you choose this path at 3rd level, you can channel electric fury into your weapon strikes. While you’re raging, you are resistant to lightning damage and the first creature you hit on each of your turns with a weapon attack takes extra lightning damage equal to d6+half your barbarian level.

Striking Slam

At the 6th level, once per Short Rest, you may use your movement to Leap into the air and land up to 30ft away, dealing 2d6+your strength Modifier lightning damage in a 5ft Radius around your landing to any enemy who fails a DC (8 + Strength modifier + Proficiency modifier) Dex Saving throw. (It becomes 2d8 at level 10, and 2d10 at level 14)

Crackling Charge

At the 10th level, once per Short Rest, you may use your Bonus action to Dash, dealing 1d8 lightning damage to any creature 5ft to either side of your path and in front of your destination.

Lightning Empowered

At 14th level, the lightning pumping through you invigorates you, allowing you to imitate the power of Lightning itself. Whilst Raging, all your attacks now deal extra lightning damage equal to d6+half your barbarian level and you are now immune to lightning damage.

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