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Passive Feats[edit]

Passive feats are a special form of feat that are treated similar to regular feats. Whenever you are permitted a feat, you may select a passive feat instead. You may only have a maximum number of passive feats equal to your current proficiency bonus.

Essence Theft[edit]

Prerequisite: Spellcasting

Whenever you cast a spell that harms an enemy, you gain a charge. When you reach the maximum amount of charges, the charges are all spent and heal you for 10 + proficiency bonus + spellcasting modifier. The maximum amount of charges you can have is equivalent to 13 - proficiency bonus.

Discipline of Force[edit]

Prerequisite: Proficiency with at least one martial weapon

Whenever you make a melee weapon attack with a martial weapon you are proficient with, you add your proficiency bonus to the damage dealt.

Discipline of Might[edit]

Prerequisite: Spellcasting

Once per long rest when you cast a spell at an enemy that can cast spells, you remove one spell slot from them (if possible) and recharge one of the same level. The spell slot level is equal to your proficiency bonus, to a maximum of the highest level spell they can cast.


Prerequisite: size medium or larger

Each time you move and then make a melee weapon attack against a creature smaller than you (in that order), they are forced to make a Strength save equal to 8 + the attack's damage. On a fail, they take 1d4 bludgeoning damage and are knocked prone. Also, you move over them and stop opposite to the side where you attacked them.

Temporarily Permanent[edit]

Prerequisite: Spellcasting

You can now stack your temporary hit points. If you would gain temporary hit while you currently have temporary you may add those to your pool of temp health. You only lose your temporary hit points if you fall unconscious.

Cursed Touch[edit]

Prerequisite: Spellcasting

Each time you make a melee weapon attack against an enemy, they must make a Wisdom save equal to your spell save. Upon failure, the next spell you cast on them either deal double damage or the duration is doubled (your choice). These penalties cannot stack Ex. If an enemy fails two of the saves, the damage dealt to them by your next spell is not doubled twice.


Prerequisite: Spellcasting

For each spell you cast, you build up a charge, for each spell you cast that deals fire damage, you build up 2 charges. When you reach the maximum of 4 charges, the next spell you cast that deals damage stuns the target for 1 round.

Frost Shot[edit]

Prerequisite: Proficiency with ranged weapons

Each time you successfully hit a target with a ranged weapon attack against a target, the targets speed in all categories is lowered by 5 feet and they take 1 cold damage.

Concussive Blows[edit]

Every time you deal bludgeoning damage to an enemy, you gain a charge against that enemy. At 4 charges, the next attack you make that deals bludgeoning damage makes the target stunned for 1 round.


Prerequisite: Proficiency with a weapon that deal slashing damage

Each time you deal slashing damage to an opponent, you gain a charge against that enemy. At 5 charges, all damage you make against them is maximum (E. 2d6 is always 12) until they heal at least 1 hit die and reset the charges.

Duelist's Dance[edit]

Prerequisite: Proficiency with a finesse martial weapon

Once per turn, you may choose one melee weapon attack made with a martial weapon with finesse properties. If you succeed that attack, you deal 1 extra damage on all your attacks for that turn and heal 1d6 hit points.

Nimble Fighter[edit]

Prerequisite: Dexterity of 13 or higher

This Passive Feat can not take effect if you are encumbered. You can move through occupied spaces (but not end your turn on them) and take less damage equal to your Dexterity bonus (E. If you have dexterity of 18 (+4) and suffer 6 damage, you only take 2 damage).


If you have not taken damage within the last 6 rounds, you are not incapacitated, and are not in combat, you heal 1 hit point per round.


If you are not prone, you deal bonus damage equal to 10% of your base walking speed (E. If you have 30 feet of base walking speed, you deal +3 damage).


Reduces the duration of impairing conditions by 1 round per each un-incapacitated enemy to a maximum of 4 rounds.

Martial Cadence[edit]

For every 4 melee weapon attacks you make, the 4th deals one extra damage die (E. 1d6 becomes 2d6).

Relentless Assault[edit]

For every melee weapon attack you make against an enemy, you gain 1 charge. At 5 charges, they reset and you gain the Extra Attack feature for 2 rounds. If you already have the Extra Attack/Multi-attack, it is increased by 1 instead.

Excitement Rush[edit]

Each time an enemy is defeated within 30 feet of you that you dealt damage to within the last round, your base walking speed is doubled for 2 rounds.

Martial Poise[edit]

Whenever you attack an enemy and then move within the same turn, you may lunge forward 15 feet, making an opportunity attack against 1 enemy in the way and stopping. If there is no enemy in the way of your lunge, it merely costs no movement.


Each time an enemy is defeated within 30 feet of you that you dealt damage to within the last round, you may take an additional action.

Unseen Threat[edit]

Whenever you succeed a backstab on an enemy, you deal extra damage equal to your proficiency modifier and they cannot take the dash action for that turn.


Prerequisite: A Familiar, Spellcasting

Whenever you cast a damaging spell against an enemy, your familiar casts a weakened version of the spell (if they are not incapacitated) that deals 2 damage of the same type your spell dealt to the same enemy you cast the spell at.


Each time you deal radiant damage to an enemy, that enemy sheds bright light for 10 feet and dim light for an additional 10 feet. The next spell you cast at the enemy that deals damage deals 1d6 extra fire damage and removes the light effects.

Soul Siphon[edit]

Whenever you deal necrotic damage to an enemy, you heal half the damage dealt to a minimum of 1.

Staggering Blow[edit]

Each successful melee weapon attack you make against an enemy forces them to make a Constitution saving throw equal to 2 + the damage dealt. Upon failure, they are stunned for 1 round.


Prerequisite: Spellcasting"

Each time you make a weapon attack against an enemy, you build up a charge, at 5 charges, you can cast a spell up to spell level 3 at the cost of no spell point.

Increasing Rage[edit]

Prerequisite: You cannot be able to cast spells

For each 10 hitpoints lost, you deal 1 extra hit point with your melee weapon attacks.

Aegis Protection[edit]

Prerequisite: Proficiency with shields

This is only active when you have a shield equipped, when an attack doesn't hit you, you gain a charge. After 4 charges, you automatically block the next attack that would hit you, receiving no damage.

Iron Ambassador[edit]

Prerequisite: Proficiency with shields, Multiattack/Extra-attack feature

This is only active when you have a shield equipped, once per turn when you take the attack action, you can use one of your attacks to hit the enemy with your shield. On a successful hit, they take 1d4 bludgeoning damage and are stunned for one round (they take an additional 1d4 piercing damage if your shield is spiked and they are not stunned).


Prerequisite: Proficiency with ranged weapons

Once per turn, each time you miss an opponent with a ranged weapon attack, you may declare them vulnerable. A vulnerable enemy takes an extra damage die on the next ranged weapon attack you hit them with. You can only have one declared vulnerable enemy at a time.

Unseen Predator[edit]

Prerequisite: Way of Shadow Tradition

Once per turn when you attempt to attack an enemy while hidden, you can choose to leap out of hiding and attack them, jumping up to 15 feet towards them at the cost of 5 movement points, dealing one extra damage die equal to each 5 feet leaped, and giving them disadvantage on their initiative roll due to the sudden spook.

Arcane Mastery[edit]

Prerequisite: Spellcasting

When you cast a spell, you gain a charge. At 5 charges, you gain a magical shield that negates the effects of the next successful attack made against you. Additionally, you regain 1 expended spell point of your choice.

Fleet of Foot[edit]

Each time you make an attack at an enemy regardless of if you hit them or not, you gain an extra 5 feet in base walking speed. This bonus increases to an extra 5 walking speed at level 10.


You run faster towards allies of low health. Your base walking speed is increased by 5 per hit die they have lost to a maximum of +20 base walking speed.


You deal 1d6 extra damage to enemies with an impairing effect.

Night Hunter[edit]

Prerequisite: Darkvision

When in darkness, you have double your movement speed.

Contempt of the Weak[edit]

You deal 1 extra damage to enemies per hit die they have lost.

Shared Knowledge[edit]

When you defeat an enemy, you gain charges equal to the enemy's challenge rating/level. There is no limit to the charges you can have at once. When not in combat, you can grant as many charges as you wish to an ally, granting 25 points of XP per charge.


(Could be considered a Feat for Character Level 10+)Hit die = Class Hit points d#+Constitution Modifier. Your able to use your Hit Die to prevent your HP dropping past 0, and avoiding death saving throws.

Once your HP drops below 1; Instead of Rolling for Death Saves on your next turn. You roll Your Hit Die instead to Add to your HP.

Any excess surplus damage dealt to you that causes your HP to become a negative number (-#); you roll your Hit Die to add to the negative number to make it above 0.

Once the last roll of the Hit Die that causes your HP to become (+#) positive. You can't add another Hit Die to your HP, even if you have some Hit Die left.

Your still unconscious for that Round; you can get up on the next Round. —— OR in [6-(Constitution Modifier)] rounds. —— OR in d6-(Constitution Modifier) rounds.

If Massive Damage would normally kill you instantly, and you have Hit Die left and are able to regenerate, you remain alive but unconscious.

If at any point you are at 0 hit points and are unable to regenerate, then you are truly slain. And start Rolling Death Saves on the Next Turn.

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