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Paphagos Genie[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

Paphagos Genies come in many forms, varying based on whim alone. Their magic can be used to disguise their form, though always must be humanoid in nature. At the beginning of their life they are energy, magic freely existing within the universe but upon capture by powerful magic users this potent magic can become sentient.

All Genies must exist within a bottle, not of their choosing, but of the choosing of the magical user who is attempting to "create" a genie. A bottle is imbued with enough magic to store a genie and can come in many shapes and sizes. Through clear containers Genies appear like souls held within.


Akin to wild magic, Genies began their life as a pure, wild, chaotic magical force. They have never been keen on destroying the world that they live in but more often than not Genies love to cause mayhem and have for thousands of years.

Though stories have spread about these Genies, most believe they are purely wish making magical beings ready to help anyone who finds them. The truth behind that is far more sinister. These Genies feed off of pure magical energy, only consumable via eating flesh. Their wish granting power has been used for centuries, secretly, to draw in travelers and adventurers and feast on their bodies and dormant magical energy.

Genies are feared in small, tight circles and word travels through the guild, though common folk don't believe it.


Genie society does not exist. Genies, which are rare, do not often fancy meeting each other whether by accident or on purpose. Before they become what is now known as Paphagos Genies they exist as non-sentient chaotic magic. Paphagos Genies often despise one another, as their magic reacts to other genies in an unsavory manor.

Paphagos Genie Traits[edit]

Cannibalistic Genies who feast on magic. And bodies.
Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 2 and your Wisdom score increases by 1.
Age. Genies do not age, they merely grow in power. The more magic they eat and are able to contain the more powerful, "older", they become.
Alignment. Genies always fit within the Chaotic alignment, but can be good, neutral and evil.
Size. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. Your floating speed is 20.
Magical Snack Attack. On reaction you may swallow a magical attack directed at you or an ally within 5 ft of you - you can only do this a maximum times = to your proficiency modifier before you must take a long rest to digest it.
Low Light Vision. A creature with low-light vision can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of shadowy illumination. It retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions. A spellcaster with low-light vision can read a scroll as long as even the tiniest candle flame is next to her as a source of light.
Magical Consumption.. Each Medium creature a Paphagos Genie eats (outside of combat) they gain one step up toward unlocking a new ability. Every 50 step ups A genie gains a new ability, listed below with a cap of 1000.
Genie Sensors. Each genie makes a Wisdom check - the one who fails the check cannot benefit from any magic consumed within the 10 ft of that other genie for a full day any magic consumed by the one who rolled lower will be granted to the one who passed the check until a full day passes
Magic Menace. You are proficient in Arcana and Intimidation.
Magical sustenance. Paphogos Genies do not need to eat regular human food but they do need at least 4 hours of meditation a day. If they do not take this rest, on the 20th hour of the day they will be sucked into their bottle for four hours with no way out until the four hours is up.
Genie In A Bottle. A Genie can be no more than 1 mile from their bottle. They physically cannot go past on their own, but can be forced out should the grappler beat a DC equal to 10 + the Genies proficiency + their wisdom. Should they fail this save they will die.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Sylvan and one other language of your choice.

Genie Rank Ups[edit]

Genies, as they eat people and consume their magic, gain 1 rank up point her medium creature, 5 per Large Creature, and 10 per Huge Creature. Both require a long rest to digest. The table below shows each rank up and it's benefit.

Power Level Ability rank up.
50 Ability Score Improvement by 1
100 2 Ability Score Improvements by 1
200 Detect Magic Spell-like Ability - Functions as a basic Detect Magic spell, and can be used a number of times equal to your WIS modifier. Uses
400 Fear Spell-like Ability - Functions as a basic fear spell, and requires a long rest to use again. It does not require components.
800 Polymorph Spell-like Ability. Functions as a basic Polymorph spell, and requires a long rest to use again. Does not require components.
1000 Wish Spell-like Ability. Functions as a basic Wish spell, and requires a long rest to use again. Does not require components.

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