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<!- Setting ->[edit]

War has begun as a race for to stop the Ogre Nation of Zief to not resurrect a Ancient Elder Evil Vampire Lord Korizeggy from its final resting crypts. Pieces of its torn body reconstructed thru various and very expensive rituals to make it whole again for it to be raised. The exchange for it being resurrected from the dead again an unholy alliance given to the Ogres and Goblin Nation to rule the Lordship Isles and begin its conquest on the neighboring mainland of Greyhawk.


Religions Any and all are acceptable if you want to use a homebrew should be discussed with the DM first. Temples shrines etc from other players can be added to plots and places of interest on the map. Can lead to further adventures for both the player and party.


Ancient Elder Evil Vampire Lord Korizeggy, Ancient Evil The Deafwar Demon (4 greater elementals combined with a Demon of Knowledge and magic template)

GROUPS & Organizations

Brood of Vile Darkness Major Assassins Guild entry to the guild is permitted by doing a vile act. Its popularity within non human cities grows by leaps and bounds. Nobles have been noted as members to this organization or have been influenced by.

Recently discovered that it has a council among the ruling cast are 11 well known monsters / villains of the land. I. Lord Korizeggy - Ancient Vampire Lord II. Mistress Tara Hex – Vampire Lady Elder III. Mistress Aleric Rooms-Vampire (Powerful ) IV. Lord Straad Vensi Mai-Anti Paladin V. Duke Paralay of Boonshire Drow Anti Paladin VI. Countess Emerald-Evil Mummified Sorceress VII. Countess RiDiYA of Maudra – Lich VIII. Baron Karza - Anti Paladin IX. Baroness Vica - Anti Paladin X. Barron Charles of Order of Chaos - Noble from Togg Government / Sorcerer XI. Lich Lords

The Symbol on the right is that of the Greater Vampire Lord Korizeggy all his minions bare this marking on the back of the neckline.

Paladins Inc. This organization is primarily comprised of Lawful and good Paladins and high ranking Cavalier types. This Order is not based off of religion but Law and Goodness. Fighters, Clerics and Rangers can be found but rarely stay as those classes.

Known Paladins of the land (Epic Level 25+): • Lady Ginger from Isle Kaplan. • Lord Sagittarius of the Righteous Bow. • Lord Kaikbad with Penance. Lady Ivy from Calor Wood.

Order of the Griffon Organization dedicated and comprised of Holy Men and Women. Mostly clerics, priests, shamans and those have taken a oath to not let past evils of the plane come back to life and rule. Strong within its rankings Nobles are primary members. Often sending their knights and paladins to assist with the war against Demigods, Devils, Demons.

Red Wizards

Ever most not so popular Red Wizards Expanding into the realm from Forgotten Realms. Known here as Jordanes.

Jordanes lost no time in attempting to reestablish Accolon's position among the great nations of the Ymarian sea. He reopened trade with all the nations of that region through the newly re-acquired port of Nuradeem and, with the aid of Lucan's Spiderstaff, became a driven ruler and administrator. Among other things, he finally managed to complete the great bridge over the Mulgaunt on teh Ashen Way. Meanwhile, the general known only as The Anointed One gathered an army on the banks of the Mulgaunt, including three thousand elite regulars and fifteen hundred mercenaries recruited from the scum of Dammarask's slave quarter and marched down the Ashen Way towards the skarn-occupied province of Carru. They bivouacked in the dusty wastes of Dur, waiting for word from Bishop Trollkin, who rode ahead to offer peace and alliance to the warlike Skarn.

Order of the Southern Cross Order is based off of Chaos and Evil… any Chaotic or Evil align may join and be part of the organization.

Order of the White Claw. The order of the White Claw consists of strictly humans. More o humans who have White Dragons as mounts and as their familiars. The Orders reign is mostly found in the Togg Empire, far to the north.

Order of the Quivering Palm Monk Fighting school for those wishing to learn combat and self defense.

Its main temple is located near Kai, South West of the city in the open plains.

The High Level Master of the Quivering Palm order is Master DC. Human who was from the Togg empire that has gone past his hatreds of other kin. Those wishing to train at his temple may petition to do so.

Seeking audience with this person is difficult due to his popularity.

Black Sand Ninja Clan One of the oldest and most brutal of Ninja Clans known to exist in the Togg Empire.

Its members selected from a very early age of 8 (Human) begin their training to become among the deadliest of assassins ever known.

The clan is not a guild but a clan of trained assassins who are mercenaries to the highest bidder.

Loyalty among them only to the clan and not to employer.

Favored weapon is a double sided Scythe.

Hidden stronhold known as The Gauntlet - Both known as a training ground and penal facility for those who have failed in their missions.


Where is The Lands of Palladia on the World of Greyhawk map?

The Lands of Palladia is located on the World of Greyhawk on the right side map bottom lower right corner in the midst of the Lord Ship Isles. .


EMPIRES of the Land Empire / Government TOG EMPIRE (Based off of a Terran Overlord Governments ) North and North West of Palladia Simply put, human only lands deeper into the empire fewer demi humans exist. Feudal Japan - setting with the warlords fighting over provinces but come together to fight a common enemy of the land. and small governments struggling for dominance of the areas.

ELVEN EMPIRE (Based off of Old England / Middle Ages with Kings / Queens and nobles) South West of Palladia (Elves only, deeper into the empire non humans caught will be tried as spies and then subject to death. Elves and Drow are friendly towards each other due to the great Ogre Rebellioin that cut the Elven Northern Realm apart from the Elven Empire.

THE IMPERIUM ( Based off the Roman Empire and Structure.) South and East of Palladia Demi humans of all kinds including elves can be found here. Each race knows their limits as far as traveling into others areas of occupation. Bad areas toward certain races is known.

OGRE & GOBLIN NATIONS OF ZIEF (Based off of Planet of the Apes ) North West of Palladia Goblin kin, Ogres, Kobolds, some giants and dragons inhabit this area. Long time ago the Goblinoid Races were slave to the elves. In that period of occupation they started to learn how to use and craft items eventually leading to their release and revolt vs the elves. They are very warlike. Favored tactic – Send out 2 caravans.

1ST Some 20 Wagons full of Goblinoids, if they see something they like within 2 days ride is a 2ND caravan consisting of over 200 wagons and a war party. Raiding and Warring with any that cross their path.


City of the Dead (Based of old Egyptians) To the north and East Great barren and cursed lands of Maudra now turned into a huge Desert. In the center the only remaining active city. City of Undead. (x5 times the size of New York City USA with population)

The City long ago was attacked by a unique Tarrasque that was gated from a plane of Tarrasa. Its gargantuan, colossal, extremely large size skeletal remains are the only thing that stand. The creature when slain on its fours was so large that a second city was built on its back.

The undead there that are sentient rule from above while the lesser undead dwell in the original city.

There is rumors that there are 3 more cities buried deep beneath the sands of the original site. Each City of the Dead home to each one of the 5 lich lords of Maudra.

Lands of Tek Very small and isolated sovereign government city. Population of the city is not completely known they have a city law to assist with the non expansion and to keep them secluded from the rest of the world that upon reaching a certain age they are expected to sacrifice themselves in order to maintain a balance of Law within the City of Tek. ( inside this area Race Modern Man & spell jammer races / Tombstone / Robo Tech / Etc.... )


TBA Campaign started in 1995. Has evolved from a small stand alone continent campaign into much more. I use the map of Greyhawk. Palladine is located on the right side of the map on the bottom corner near the Lordship Isles.

Campaign has evolved from the prime material plane to incorporate multiple planes..... Yellow Hells(Stormbringer Setting), 9 Hells, World of Ghouls, World of Elfs, World of Goblins. This campaign setting will be more than enough to be able to play almost nearly any kind of character. Yes including futuristic ones such as WWII soldiers, gunslingers from the wild west, Rift Riders from the future as well as Superheroes who go back in time and do things to muck up the time line.

For DMs[edit]

NEW MONEY Copper 10 Copper = 1 Silver Silver 10 Silver = 1 Gold Gold 10 Gold = 1 Platinum Platinum 10 Platinum = 1 Royal Talon Royal Talon

What kind of game scenarios or other games can you expect to find within my campaign setting?? I have references inside my campaign to almost everything!!

1ST & 2ND Edition AD&D / 3.5 Dungeon and Dragons / Champions (Hero Rules) / Chutlu Star Frontiers / Gamma World / Rifts / Robo Tech / Spell Jammer & Dragon Star / Stormbringer / Tombstone / Warhammer 40K / Warhammer - Dungeon Quest / Home brew stuff :P

Living Campaign - Game Lands of Palladia Game day is on Sundays 5pm Eastern time Central



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