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This is a list of paladin oaths and what they actually mean as most have ambiguous wording and reasonable ways to avoid them.

If a paladin tried to do something not allowed in their oath they must roll will, on a failure they are knocked prone for that round. If they don't take action when their oath says they should they must roll will, on a failure they are forced into action at the dm's discretion.

On this list will be the name of the oath, what that oath entails and what counts as breaking the oath.

Oath of Conquest[edit]

Douse the Flame of Hope: letting foes run/escape you. If you let them escape you take 1d6 fire damage.

Rule with an Iron Fist: if a creature succeeds against your intimidation or deception check they must be fought. If not you take 1d8 fire damage.

Strength Above All: if a creature succeeds against your persuasion check or challenges your rule/leadership you must challenge them to a duel. It may be a duel of blades, duel of wits, duel of magic but if you decline a duel you take 2d6 fire damage.

Oath of Vengeance[edit]

Fight the Greater Evil: if the paladin strikes a lawful nuetral, neutral good or lawful good creature they must make a save. a failed save causes 2d4 ice damage and half on a success (this does not count for constructs or mind controlled victims).

No Mercy for the Wicked: the paladin must drop an evil creature they have fought to zero or take 3d4 ice damage or half on a save.

By Any Means Necessary: if something/someone gets not the way of the paladin they must be fought or the paladin takes 4d4 ice damage.

Restitution: All paladin must help victims of a crime/disaster or take 1d6 ice damage (not including victims they know nothing about).

Oath of Devotion[edit]

Honesty: if you make a deception check (even if failed) you take 1d8 radiant damage. Courage: if you fail a will save against fear you take 1d10 radiant damage

Oath of the Ancients[edit]


They don't have oaths.

Oath of the Crown[edit]

Oath of Redemption[edit]

Oath of treachery[edit]

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