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0-Level Magus Spells (Cantrips)

Acid Splash Daze Light Ray of Frost Touch of Fatigue Disrupt Undead Flare

1st-Level Magus Spells

Burning Hands Color Spray Corrosive Touch Enlarge Person Expeditious Retreat Flare Burst Magic Missle Ray of Enfeeblement Reduce Person Shield Shocking Grasp Snowball Stone Fist True Strike Vanish

2nd-Level Magus Spells

Acid Arrow Bear’s Endurance Blur Bull’s Strength Cat’s Grace Effortless Armor Frigid Touch Glitterdust Invisibility Mirror Image Molten Orb Scorching Ray Stone Call Web

3rd-Level Magus Spells

Beast Shape I Dispel Magic Displacement Fireball Haste Lightning Bolt Slow Stinking Cloud Vampiric Touch

4th-Level Magus Spells

Beast Shape II Controlled Fireball Dimension Door Dragon’s Breath Elemental Body I Enlarge Person, Mass Greater Invisibility Ice Storm Phantasmal Killer Reduce person, Mass Shield of Dawn Shout Stoneskin 5th-Level Magus Spells

Acidic Spray Baleful Polymorph Beast Shape III Cloudkill Cone of Cold Elemental Body II Fire Snake Vampiric Shadow Shield

6th-Level Magus Spells

Acidic Fog Bear’s Endurance, Mass Beast Shape IV Bull’s Strength, Mass Cat’s Grace, Mass Chain Lightning Disintegrate Dispel Magic, Greater Dragonkind I Elemental Body III Hellfire Ray Sirocco Transformation True Seeing Umbral Strike

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