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Overwatch Sniper Rifle[edit]

A liberated Overwatch Sniper Rifle
Size Medium
Critical 20
Range Increment 70ft
Type Ballistic
Purchase DC 25
Restriction Mil (+3)
Damage 3d8
Rate of Fire S
Magazine 8 Box
Weight 45 lbs
Scope x5

Overwatch Sniper Rifle[edit]

The Overwatch Sniper Rifle is used most commonly by Combine Overwatch Snipers, but can also be found in resistance bases. It launches concentrated Dark Energy in the form of a projectile. This bullet is so fast that the target likely gets hit before the hear the shot fired. The weapon has a blue laser pointer that helps the the holder with their aim, gaining a +3 on attack rolls with this weapon, but also reveals the user's position. The holder takes a -5 penalty to hide checks while holding this weapon. This weapon has an extremely high recoil, thus it is mounted and cannot be moved. It uses an internal power source to supply the Dark Energy. It can be powered by a Vortiguant.

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