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Otherworldly Countenance [Lineage]

Your abyssal heritage manifests itself in your extreme good looks. Your beautiful appearance is unsettling to those around you- even to your foes!
Prerequisite: Cha 17, Demonic Ancestry
Benefit: You can use the Undeniable beauty power as an encounter power.
Special: You take a -2 penalty to intimidate skill checks, as your beautiful countenance makes you difficult to fear.
If you have more than two feats with demonic ancestry prerequisites you must be of the good, chaotic evil, or unaligned alignments (if you are not of one of these alignments when you take your second abyssal heritage feat then you must change your alignment to one of these alignments) and you cannot willingly change your alignment to a different alignment.
Undeniable Beauty Feat Power
Your gaze enthralls your foe, and he finds himself unable to harm you.
Immediate Interrupt Melee
Trigger: You are targeted by a melee attack
Target: The attacking creature.
Attack: Charisma +2 per 3 abyssal heritor feats you possess Vs. Will
Hit: The target must select a different target for the attack or end its attack.

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