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Organizations (Posod Supplement)

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Primary Organizations[edit]

Section ΘΨ[edit]

Philosophy: Section ΘΨ is an organization bent on the destruction of curfews and checkpoints throughout Posod. In the name of freedom and justice, members of Section ΘΨ work to constantly undermine government operations even remotely resembling the loss of freedom. To members of this group, freedoms that have developed over the last few PLs should under no circumstances be put in jeopardy.

Organization: Section ΘΨ operates on a standard hierarchical system with 5 levels.

  • 1 - Freelance agents. They may or may not agree with Section ΘΨ's philosophy, and work mainly for the pay.
  • 2 - Section ΘΨ agents. They not only work operations but also contact freelance agents regarding missions. These agents normally agree with the philosophy, but they certainly aren't fanatics.
  • 3 - Bosses. These men and women organize agents into operations, but do not concoct the operations themselves. Essentially an extra buffer between field agents and high-ranking members, bosses agree strongly with the philosophy of freedom at any cost.
  • 4 - Freedom agents. This name is a misnomer. Freedom agents rarely do the work that Section ΘΨ agents and freelance agents are wont to do. Members of this rank study current events and political maneuvering in order to call operations that will do the most effective damage to obstacles of freedom.
  • 5 - Eye of Justice. Her real name is unknown, and only Freedom agents have seen her face-to-face. The Eye keeps watch over Bosses and Freedom agents, and removes those who are not effective. She is a complete zealot when it comes to freedom, and from time to time, she calls operations that do sizable damage to the city infrastructure.

Operations: Operations generally created by Section ΘΨ are either strategic strikes or targeted killings.

Cell 17[edit]

Philosophy: Cell 17 is one of the pseudo-gangs to form shortly after Posod began it's lockdown procedures. It has no real philosophy, and the primary goal of it's members is to make money. While this doesn't make Cell 17 or it's members inherently evil, many operations that it undertakes are illegal in some way.

Organization: Cell 17 operates on a loose 3 level system.

  • 1 - Agents. These may be either regulars in the Cell 17 circle or otherwise, but there is generally no preferential treatment. If a newcomer can do a better job than a regular, he or she will get more work.
  • 2 - Bosses. These men and women organize agents and do business with clients. They normally organize operations and keep order within their district.
  • 3 - Overlords. This small group of people take a cut of all business, and in return make sure things run smoothly between bosses (and some more important clients).

Operations: Cell 17 operations are generally limited to smuggling/delivery and collection.

Cell 88[edit]

Philosophy: Cell 88 is another of the prominent pseudo-gangs to form shortly before the start of the campaign. It is in direct competition with Cell 17, and also has much more extreme methods and also lower moral standards in regards to operations.

Organization: Cell 88 has a similar organization to Cell 17 with one exception. Above the Overlords is a leader. Not even some of the Overlords know who he or she is, but there is great mystery surrounding him or her.

Operations: Operations include: smuggling, collection, targeted killings, theft, and strategic strikes.

C16 Corporation[edit]

Philosophy: C16 Corporation is a global research firm that emphasizes research involving non-organic sciences. While there is no true philosophy that researchers have, they generally shy away from technologies that involve organic components. C16 Corporation is generally the source of technological improvements over time involving physics and energy.

Organization: C16 Corporation has a normal corporation-style hierarchy, but there are some members of C16 that want Venus Labs' research to be hindered (whether for philosophy or profit's sake).

Operations: Operations normally involve sabotage or theft of Venus Labs research and equipment.

Venus Labs[edit]

Philosophy: Venus Labs is a global research firm that emphasizes research involving organic sciences. While there is no true philosophy that researchers have, they generally shy away from technologies that involve physics or non-organic chemistry. Venus Labs is generally the source of technological improvements over time involving biology and genetics.

Organization: Venus Labs has an identical structure to C16 Corporation.

Operations: Venus Labs operations normally involve sabotage or theft of C16 Corporation research and equipment.

Tribal Technologies[edit]

Philosophy: Tribal Technologies deals primarily in weapons manufacturing and all other products related to combat on small and large scales. Tribal Technologies will occasionally work collaboratively with Venus or C16, but in the recent past, no such work as occurred due to the fact that previous collaborative research was eventually applied to weaponry.

Organization: Tribal Technologies has a structure identical to C16 Corporation save one difference. The majority of stock in the company is owned by the son of Tribal Technologies' founder, and thus he has control over any aspect of the company he wishes.

Operations: Tribal Tech operations normally ask that PCs test new technology in live-fire situations. Tribal Tech is also sometimes interested in research by Venus or C16, but will not ask for it to be destroyed upon theft.


Philosophy: Cloak runs the very volatile and valuable information market in Posod. It was formed around the same time as Cell 17 and Cell 88, but took a much different route than either organization. High-ranking members of Cloak are always one step ahead of any attempt to catch them or steal valuable information that they alone carry.

Organization: The organization of Cloak would be impossible to discern unless one was a high-ranking official in the organization. Anyone trying to infiltrate the hierarchy of Cloak for reasons other than devotion to the organization would likely be caught before they started infiltration.

Operations: Cloak generally asks the PCs steal information from closed networks and paper sources. Chances are that any information accessible in some way from the internet is not truly valuable.

Secondary Organizations[edit]

Persona (Bluff, Disguise)[edit]

Mind Blank Inc. (Bluff, Concentration)[edit]

Terrabyte Corporation (Computer Use)[edit]

RULU Corporation (Computer Use)[edit]

Saluton Mondo! (Decipher Script, Read/Write Language)[edit]

Obfiscation Co. (Decipher Script, Read/Write Language)[edit]

N3 Racing (Drive)[edit]

ZX Customs (Drive)[edit]

Plastique International (Demolitions)[edit]

HE Labs (Demolitions[edit]

Innner Constructions (Disable Device)[edit]

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