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Organism 231b[edit]

An organism that alters its host's genetic coding at will.

Physical Description[edit]

You appear as your race would normally with the exception of black veins(Especially visible in the eyes), skin and hair losing their pigmentation and irises that appear completely white.


The history is made only by the host. There is no definite answer to where the organism started only that it is rarely seen. 1/1000 hosts will die after being infected.


Those infected by the organism blends into normal society.

Organism 231b Names[edit]

The names come from the parent race.

Organism 231b Traits[edit]

A microscopic organism that alters its host's genetic coding.
Ability Score Increase. Your parent race grants you ability score increases.
Age. You will never age after being infected and may even appear younger after being infected, due to the cells and DNA constantly being completely restored.
Alignment. You can have any alignment.
Size. Depends on your parent race.
Speed. Your base walking speed is the same as your parent race.
Parent Race. Choose another race to accompany with this. You'll gain all traits, proficiencies and ability score increases from the race in addition to the traits of this race.
Evolve. The host may evolve his/her body to suit environmental needs. Each evolution fits a different environment. You may choose 1 from the following, after each long rest you may decide if you want to replace the chosen trait.

You gain a swim speed equal to you current walking speed and the ability to breath underwater. The cost of this evolution is that you gain a weakness to fire damage and your walking speed becomes half your swimming speed.
You grow wings and gain a fly speed equal to 30 ft., the cost of this is that you now easily lose balance while on the ground, granting creatures an advantage in knocking you prone.
Your unarmored AC becomes 10 + Dex + Con. This does not stack. You also gain +1 to AC while wearing armor. You now have a disadvantage on Strength(Athletics) checks, and have -10 ft. to walking speed.
Your muscles grow slowing you down. You gain advantage in all Strength checks, and count as one size larger when determining your pull, push and carrying weight, however you lose 10 ft. of walking speed and any advantages you had in Dexterity checks until you choose another trait.
DM's will
Commune with your DM about other traits you'd want. These traits must have both advantages and disadvantages.
Languages. All languages from your parent race.

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