Orcus: Prince of the Dead (3.5e Demonic Pacts)

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Orcus: Prince of the Dead[edit]

  • Level: 7
  • Binding DC: 28
  • Special requirement: Orcus will not enter into a pact with a binder who has hosted Demogorgon or Grazā€™zt within three days.


<< Description of Demon and his doings, relations, etc >>


The massive, bloated demon stands 15 feet tall, his immense frame a hideous combination of muscle and bloated flesh. His head is that of a ram with a great maw filled with tusks, and his thick-furred legs end in cloven hooves. Leathery wings and a barb-tipped tail complete the picture of the archetypal demon.


Your skin becomes pale and taunt like that of a corpse and one of your eyes are replaced by large rubies. Your vision is not affected.


You may not leave the presence of an uncovered corpse without marking it with the symbol of Orcus.

Granted abilities[edit]

Rebuke Undead[edit]

You may rebuke, bolster, and turn undead as a cleric using your EBL in place of cleric level.

Finger of Death[edit]

Touch attack deals 3D6+1/EBL points of negative energy damage and can slay living creatures, fort negates death. At will once every five rounds.

Animate dead[edit]

You can use this ability at will to animate dead, once every 5 rounds. You are still limited in the number of undead hit die you can control.

Undead immunities[edit]

You are immune to energy drain and level drain. You gain 10 temporary HP (1-hour duration) for each point of level damage you would take from a drain effect and you heal from both negative and positive energy.

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