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Orb of the Future: The Orb of the future is a very rare object. There is only 2 known to exist. It is a solid looking sphere that is a ruby color. This magical orb floats above the pedastal it is resting on. If a party member gets their (filthy) hands on this item, they will be able to call upon the name of any NPC, and it will show what that NPC will be like in a year. If a command word is spoken, Time, it will travel that party member 1 year into the future. They will only be allowed to stay in the future for up to 3d6 days before being sent back to the present. The orb is only allowed to teleport someone to the future 1 time per week.

CL ; Craft Wondrous Item; Cost 0xp and 10,000 gold

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