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Orb of Enhancement: A glowing orb about the size of your thumbnail; press this into your flesh, and as the liquid from it seeps into your veins, feel the strength of a mighty foe become yours... The Orb's material requirement, the Heart of a Bolstered foe can be acquired only by one method: killing a boss 5 levels above you with all its attributes multiplied by 2, and increased by another 25% for each active orb. This affects the monster's damage as well. Its attack modifiers scale additionally by +5 for the first orb, then +8 for each active orb. The effect cannot be undone, and using an orb increases one score by 2.

CL 29; {{{prerequisites}}}; Cost Heart of a Bolstered Foe +10,000 xp; Weight: 0.05 lb.; Market Price: 1,000 platinum

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