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Alignment. Chaotic Evil
Domains. Death, Destruction, Stealth
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Operatos is a deity of Chaotic-Evil and rules over a misty plane of existence called, "Foragmas" He is able to delve deep into his followers minds and torment them whenever he does so please. It was said that his rival Sol defeated him in a battle for the world but no one has ever been sure of it. Anyone who worships this god is said to have the most vile of powers and the ability to read minds. The followers of Operatos were known as the "Harbingers". They would steal sleeping villagers and sacrifice there souls to the deity in return for there safety and well being. However, one day a group of paladins on a quest destroyed the dark sanctuary belonging to Operatos and his followers. For this he punished the worshippers for there failure and turned them into trees for his ever growing dark garden. The deity is fond of the forest and created his plane of existence "Foragmas" to mimic such places.


Clerics of Operatos often use spells such as "Detect Thoughts" and "Black Tentacles" to rip enemies apart with his Tentacles.

But the cleric is also burdened with the need for bloodshed, any cleric who worships him must pay in blood for their powers. The cleric can once a week, let their own blood in a sacrifice to this deity. This can be dangerous.

Other classes[edit]

Operatos had many followers who were more than just clerics. Other classes joined to worship the dark ones power and strength. Warriors can call upon the "power of the operator" to gain his strength. As with the clerics, the worshippers must make blood sacrifice to use his powers.

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