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One Punch Man[edit]

Becoming a[edit]

Entry Requirements
Alignment: .
Base Attack Bonus: .
Race: .
Skills: .
Feats: .
Spellcasting: .
Patron: .
Domains: .
Special: .

Hit Die: d

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st + + + + improved unarmed combat, serious punch
2nd + + + + greater improved unarmed combat, improved serious punch
3rd + + + + superior improved unarmed combat, greater serious punch, complete mastery
4th + + + + ultimate improved combat, superior serious punch
5th + + + + one punch, ultimate serious punch
6th + + + + increase in power, increase in defense
7th + + + + 40ki points, increase in speed
8th + + + +

Class Features[edit]

Improved unarmed combat (Ex): Improved unarmed combat at 1st level 4dx extra damage dice, bonus increases to 8dx at level 2, 12dx at level 3, and 16dx at level 4

Serious Punch (Ex): Max damage punch can still crit doubling damage, 2nd level add 8dx dice to damage, 3rd level add 12dx, 4th level add 16dx

increase in power, increase in defense, increase in speed (Su): You gain attacks that bring total to six attacks per action, improved version adds 4dx damage dice to all attacks, your ac receives all ability score modifiers, all movement speeds increase by 60ft

one punch: When you punch an enemy your attack gains the ultimate power of all your skills. You now add Str, Dex, Con, Wisdom, Int, and Cha to your unarmed attack rolls to hit and damage. This is because you have achieved a higher tier of strength. You have become fluent in all things. Your health effects your skills. You have achieved a higher state of mind in combat. You know how and where to strike your enemies to end them swiftly. You desire to become a hero. These increases however have also humbled you and you hold yourself in restraint at all times and must release the restraints only when nessacary.

Ex-One Punch Men[edit]

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a One Punch Man[edit]




One Punch Men in the World[edit]

NPC Reactions:

One Punch Man Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in can research to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

DC Result
11 .
16 .
21 .
26 .

One Punch Men in the Game[edit]


Sample Encounter:

EL whatever:

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