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Symbol: a hovering human eyeball with tentacles extending from it.
Home Plane: Unknown, believed to be the same as the Vestiges
Alignment: true neutral
Portfolio: Unknown, his followers claim his portfolio is everything, with a special focus on acquisition of knowledge through observation.
Clergy Alignments: He has no clerics.
Domains: unknown
Favored Weapon: unknown
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More information...

A great debate between the very few wizened scholars that know of its existence exists over whether the Omnid is a deity, vestige, or some other entity, though it is clearly a being of great power. It has unintentionally acquired a loyal, if small, group of followers, who believe it has not answered their prayers because it is too busy answering the prayers of other followers on undiscovered alternate material planes and demiplanes. No known binder has succeeded in binding it, and it is unknown whether this is because it is not a vestige or because it is too powerful to bind.


As mentioned above, the deity has not answered the prayers of any of its followers yet.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

There are absolutely no rules regarding the clothes worn or actions taken by the Omnid's followers, though they usually attempt to blend in with the rest of the people. So far, the Omnid does not have any temples.

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