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A Giant Half-ogre, half-orc, all power


Ogrillons are the fierce offspring of ogres and orcs. They generally display the brutish tendencies of their larger sires, but are more cunning, violent, and prone to mutation. Ogrillons are almost obsessed in their single-minded drive for combat. An ogrillon out of combat is restless and troubled, but is often seen chuckling wickedly to itself during particularly brutal fights. Ogrillons often serve their orc kin as valued mercenaries, as often for the love of combat and destruction, as for the gold.

Physical Description[edit]

Ogrillons usually favor the coloration of their orc sires with light red eyes, grayish skin, and black hair, though a small percentage have one or more characteristics of ogres, whether purple eyes with white pupils, black teeth, yellowed skin, and/or dull, dark green hair. Most ogrillons sport at least a few visible bony protrusions or spurs on their bodies, usually around their joints including their shoulders, elbows, knuckles, hips, knees, and toes.

Ogrillion tend to wander wild not caring who or what gets in there way. They may lead war bands of small to medium size. They may also lead orcs warriors to battle or be the elite among the ogres.


any Chaotic. Ogrillion are rarely Lawful, due to the world around them rejecting them. In addition, a Ogrillion rarely lives within civilization, so they wouldn't know much about the laws of the land anyway.


Giant’s Plain (Amn), Ice Mountains (The North), Stonelands and Desertmouth, Mountains (Anauroch), Thar (The Moonsea), Vaasa


They tend not to worship gods. But when they do it is the gods of power. Such as Kord and Boccob


Ogrillion speak Giant, Orc, Common.


hungar rangar Rungin kondar henteg genger curd and ill sounded

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +6 Strength, +4constitution, -2 wisdom -4charisma . Ogrillion are strong and hardy, but slow of mind and weak of personality.
  • Race type-orc ogre
  • Medium: As Medium creatures, Ogrillons have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • A Ogrillon's base land speed is 40 feet.
  • Dual Blood: For effects related to race, an Ogrillon is considered either an orc or an ogre, whichever is more beneficial.
  • Dark vision (60 feet)
  • Powerful build- Much like a Goliath, an Ogrillon is massively constructed. For all grapple, bull rush and trip attempts, an ogrillon is considered a large creature, including special attacks like swallowing whole. Ogrillons may also wield weapons designed for large creatures without penalty.
  • Automatic Languages: Giant, Orc and common. Bonus Languages: Abyssal, Draconic, Gnoll, and Goblin.
  • Favored Class: Barbarian.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Ogrillion Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
24 years +1d6 +2d6 +4d6
Table: Ogrillion Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
42 years 62 years 82 years +1d6+4 years
  1. At middle age, −1 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  2. At old age, −2 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  3. At venerable age, −3 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
Table: Ogrillion Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 7'11'" +2d12 500 lb. × (1d4) lb.
Female 7'6" +2d12 400 lb. × (1d4) lb.

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